The Fall (feat. femdot. + prod. by WBR Walz) – Ajani Jones

The Fall hit my inbox a few weeks ago from Columbia College’s record label AEMMP and it was a blessing. Ajani Jones has dropped two singles in the past two weeks, (at the time of this writing) but I’m partial to this one. The mellow beat by WBR Walz and femdot. and Ajani’s back and forth narrative is engaging and a great introduction to Ajani’s lyrical prowess. We wrote about the track when it dropped, and to give you a better understanding of his new beginnings, an excerpt is below:

Ajani Jones (formerly Anak1n) has been steady in the local scene, but seems to be going through a pretty big transformation. He proves this with his recent (and only song on his SoundCloud account) The Fall. It features Femdot, an incredible emcee that once again shows his potential to be the next star out of Chicago. Side note: According to a recent post, this is one of Femdot’s favorite verses of the year. It would be challenging for any rapper to stand bar to bar with him, but Ajani has quiet the stamina.

Blow Your Mind – Ohana Bam

Ohana dropped a dope mixtape back in 2015, but has stayed silent since then. June hit and he put out a song called Blow Your Mind premiered on Hotnewhiphop. A 82% rating and 3.4K streams later, he’s finally reached crossover success. 5 seconds in and you’ll hear how massive the beat by D. Phelps and Jabari Rayford is. Ohana revealed that the song was produced and written in one night. It was inspired by stadium music and its focus was to motivate and energize others. It definitely has that appeal, and I’m hoping he’ll get a chance to perform it in a huge venue soon. It would sound insane.

Ohana has since relocated to LA to pursue more opportunities in his music career, but is a Chicagoan at heart. The above song was even recorded in Phelps’s basement in the city. Since then he’s dropped another loosie, but Blow Your Mind is the one to get which you can do via Apple Music right here.

Purple Circles – hosted by Mishka (with Drea Smith, Banks the Genius, Noah Sims + I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C)

I’m not even going to pretend I know everyone’s role in this song. You’ll discover new levels of consciousness listening to this. It is a psychological and beautiful nightmare. Just hit play my friends. Oh, and give thanks to all of the collaborators as they wouldn’t be mentioned if each didn’t contribute in an impactful way.

Pressure (prod. by Tim Suby) – Jean Deaux

Jean Deux seems like a relatable girl who just wants to have fun with music (even more evident if you look at her personal Tumblr titled ‘The Deaux Diaries.”) She’s worked with the latest and greatest of Chicago stars such as Saba, Alex Wiley, Mick Jenkins, Donnie Trumpet and more. She’s recently ventured into making more electronic/dance based songs; and her best yet is Pressure produced by Tim Suby. Jean has always had a old soul singing style and dense rap abilities, but Pressure sounds like an upgraded version of both talents. Tim contributes quiet a lot to her new sound. Apparently her album is coming soon, but for now you can stream the song on SoundCloud (above), Apple Music, and probably Spotify.

John Snow – Lil Bibby

I’m not sure if John Snow will be on Bibby’s highly anticipated debut album FC3, but let’s just call it a loosie so I can share it. The song starts off with a clip from Game of Thrones and Bibby eventually compares himself to the aforementioned character. I don’t watch the show, so if anyone wants to hook me up with a basic summary of John Snow feel free. The song is included on this list as it’s probably the hardest loosie he’s dropped all year. I’m hoping the LP impacts soon, but I’ll take this one.

Evicted (feat. Kweku Collins,Tatiana Hazel + prod. by Martin $ky) – Melo Makes Music

Who knew yaps and yelps could sound so appealing. Melo does that and more with Evicted which was premiered by redeyechicago and has over 75K streams on SoundCloud (as of now.) Melo has gathered these cast of characters before, but something about the energy he brings to this one sets it above his other 2016 releases.

BONUS: He was recently interviewed on the Dynasty Podcast, which I thoroughly enjoyed. For those unfamiliar, Dynasty Podcast is Chicago’s first and longest-running music podcast and podcast network. It’s hosted by Chicago broadcast journalist Jaime Black, who is just excellent. Check out the interview here.

Every Day – Goodbye Tomorrow

Everything you’ll ever want to know about the Chicago group Goodbye Tomorrow can be found here. Seriously. Maybe more articles will come later, but as of now this is the best sources. Regardless, they’ve been heavily covered and hit even greater heights with their debut LP A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer. Their follow up single, Every Day, is quiet different than the moody low tempo album. It’s much more glitchy, with furious rapping that doesn’t cease. For a more in-depth description check our previous write up. The stream is above, but add the song on Apple Music to give a bit more support.

Dopamine (feat. Sydny August + prod. by Kishie + Linus) – Monster Mike

This is just killer…with an extremely appropriate title. Everything about Dopamine is elegant, all the way down to the cover art by Jackson Naumes. Monster Mike has tried out lots of different sounds, but this hits just right. It may take some time to appeal to you, but I promise once you get it, you’ll get it.

Invitation (prod. by Noelz Vedere) – Dejavois

This dropped 3 days ago (at the time of this writing) and I must have played it over 100 times. No exaggeration. I’ve sung its praises since it got sent to me from this beautiful songstress herself. We have something planned with Dejavois which should be impacting within the next week or so, but in the meantime take advantage of the free download. We wrote about it just a few days ago so give that a read here. Don’t sleep on this.

pLAy (prod. by JREDLNL) – Jared Lanell

As I’ve said previously, Jared Lanell made a new genre of music as soon as this dropped. It’s a warble of melancholy autotune shrieks, hard to keep up with lines, and an apocalyptic beat from JREDLNL. Play this super loud.