Ajani Jones (formerly Anak1n) has been steady in the local scene, but seems to be going through a pretty big transformation. He proves this with his recent (and only song on his SoundCloud account) The Fall. It features Femdot, an incredible emcee that once again shows his potential to be the next star out of Chicago. Side note: According to a recent post, this is one of Femdot’s favorite verses of the year. It would be challenging for any rapper to stand bar to bar with him, but Ajani has quiet the stamina.

Ajani and Femdot feed off one another by touching on social ills that affect America; and more specifically, in the inner city. We actually had The Fall on our Better Half Playlist for the first part of November, but it deserves a proper write up.

This is just the beginning for Ajani as AEMMP Hip-Hop (Columbia College Chicago’s award winning student run record label) has chosen him to be the featured artist for the 2016-2017 year. Word is he’s been working around the clock with local staples of the Chicago scene such as Femdot, BanksTheGenius and Noah Sims, and will be dropping music at a consistent rate. Here’s to 2017.