Jordan Caesar – Rudy (Fresh New Album) (FFD Premiere)

Rudy is Jordan Caesar’s magnum opus. It is a body of work that can truly excel the scope, sound, style and understanding of hip hop. This is innovative music at its very finest. A traditional write up is not only a disservice to the album, but also not applicable. As I sat down to writeContinue reading “Jordan Caesar – Rudy (Fresh New Album) (FFD Premiere)”


Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)

Yes, this is a list. Yes, it’s my personal opinion. Music is always subjective. Maybe ya’ll know all these songs. But…I think you’re going to find some dope stuff. The site was born off of my passion in sharing great music. That hasn’t changed. Go enjoy! Leona – ASL I first discovered the group ASLContinue reading “Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)”

Why Isn’t Azizz & lifeofsaeed’s New Song DREAMS Not On The Charts???

Azizz · Storm Hold up…why isn’t DREAMS on the Apple Music and Spotify charts? Oh yeah, nowadays if you don’t have a big name or feature attached to a song it goes in the trash. Isn’t even considered. This practice continues to get worse and worse, and makes me angrier by the year. See, Azizz’sContinue reading “Why Isn’t Azizz & lifeofsaeed’s New Song DREAMS Not On The Charts???”

Amon – All My Life (From City Of Ali Soundtrack)

Amon · All My Life (From "City Of Ali") Amon is an artist I saw promise in from his very first submission in 2016. He continued to send me music, and I couldn’t find a flaw in any of them. This reigns even truer 5 years later with his contribution to an incredible new documentaryContinue reading “Amon – All My Life (From City Of Ali Soundtrack)”

Renz Young – Tickets (New Track)

Renz Young · Tickets Milwaukee artist Renz Young has wowed me since I received his first submission 5 years ago. His freestyle to Chance The Rapper’s No Problem was unbelievable. I visited SoundCloud today at just the right time and re-familiarized myself with his music via his latest track, Tickets. It is 2 and halfContinue reading “Renz Young – Tickets (New Track)”

MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)

I have known Mpulse since 2016. I don’t need any accolades…but the fact that I’ve posted him 23 times (starting off with his inclusion on my list of best loosies in 2016) makes this song and video heartbreaking. How frustrating would it be to undertake a 52-week campaign (in 2017) dropping a new song everyContinue reading “MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)”

curtis bland – Spell (New Track)

For the first time in YEARS, I hopped on Soundcloud to scourer some dope cuts. I found one quickly and realized I need to visit the site way more often. curtis bland, an artist from Norway, recently dropped an incredibly impressive track with no hooks and no bullshit. Many rappers believe that if they rhymeContinue reading “curtis bland – Spell (New Track)”

jesse.5k – WERKIN AND SWERVIN (New Music Video)

Sheesh. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on flowsfordays. Luckily, the first submission I received confirmed the fact that I made the right decision to come back. jesse.5k is new to me, but after I watched his new music video WERKIN AND SWERVIN I became an instant fan. But it ran deeper thanContinue reading “jesse.5k – WERKIN AND SWERVIN (New Music Video)”

Savage G Drops The Short But Sweet ‘Saint Laurent Sniper EP’

West LA native Savage G found the silver lining in his 3 month long quarantine. He recorded over 20 tracks in his bedroom apartment, and chose the best 5 for his latest offering, the Saint Laurent Sniper EP. While the man can rap, he is also a multi-faceted artist and human being which you will experience onContinue reading “Savage G Drops The Short But Sweet ‘Saint Laurent Sniper EP’”