Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)

Yes, this is a list. Yes, it’s my personal opinion. Music is always subjective. Maybe ya’ll know all these songs. But…I think you’re going to find some dope stuff. The site was born off of my passion in sharing great music. That hasn’t changed. Go enjoy!

Leona – ASL

I first discovered the group ASL on a random blog a few weeks ago. In May, the LA group traveled to Mexico and worked for 72 hours straight to create what I consider to be one of the better EPs of the year, El Ganzo. These guys are pop writing legends, but don’t get it twisted. El Ganzo is far from tired and commercial. The group is big on experimentation. The music may sound familiar at first until you realize no one else has made music quite like this before.

Leona stands out above the rest, although every track can be binged on depending on your taste in music. The structure, songwriting, vocals and backing band are fresh and innovative. It was the chorus that got me at hello.

Risky – Lil Moe 6Blocka + 22 Gz


Aromatherapy – Ramadiz (feat. City James)

Killed that shit.

Ride Out – Baddnews

If anyone watched the hip hop competition Rhythm & Flow in 2019 (Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. were the hosts) you’ll be excited about this one. Baddnews was one of my favorite competitors on the show, and I had him higher on the list than most of the judges. After the show he released 7 singles and even got Benny The Butcher on Good Vibes (another highlight of the year.) It was his 6th single Ride Out that wowed me the most.

So They Say – Patrick Paige ll


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