West LA native Savage G found the silver lining in his 3 month long quarantine. He recorded over 20 tracks in his bedroom apartment, and chose the best 5 for his latest offering, the Saint Laurent Sniper EP. While the man can rap, he is also a multi-faceted artist and human being which you will experience on each track. You’ll find 2 well executed trap-fused records that are far from duplicates, and a bit more reflective pieces in sound and tone thanks to compelling production from multi platinum producer Josh Petruccio, The Skylark, Benihana Boy & others. 

The Saint Laurent Sniper EP is sequenced beautifully, bringing you from beginning to end with anticipation and excitement. The length of the EP is also a plus; a way for new listeners to truly experience all that Savage G has to offer, and day 1 fans to hear his progression.

You can stream Saint Laurent Sniper EP on all platforms here!