Renz Young – Tickets (New Track)

Milwaukee artist Renz Young has wowed me since I received his first submission 5 years ago. His freestyle to Chance The Rapper’s No Problem was unbelievable. I visited SoundCloud today at just the right time and re-familiarized myself with his music via his latest track, Tickets. It is 2 and half minutes of pure ferocity. You almost feel like you are in the booth with him, soaking up the energy and passion of a man who can fucking rap. Not just in the lyrical sense, but the effortlessness of his one liners, his ability to switch back and forth on a topic and still connect the two so it’s never confusing for the listener. He flexes at points, but in a way that shows his own self awareness in dealing with some of the traps of life that have consumed people for all of the wrong reasons. He captivates and excites, making it impossible to not hang on his every word. Tickets is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this week and I truly hope you at least give it a stream.

As an extra bonus, Renz performed Tickets on Musical Chairs which you can peep below.


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