jesse.5k – WERKIN AND SWERVIN (New Music Video)

Sheesh. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on flowsfordays. Luckily, the first submission I received confirmed the fact that I made the right decision to come back. jesse.5k is new to me, but after I watched his new music video WERKIN AND SWERVIN I became an instant fan. But it ran deeper than that. I was curious as to who this guy was as a human being, his inspirations, and of course his musical output.

The video starts out with a guy waking up, pulling up his phone, and watching the visual. He instantly becomes high out of his mind, eyes becoming the size of ping pong balls. Who could blame him? It’s insane to watch what he and director Brizzy Danks put together. Still, it’s jesse.5k’s performance that steals the show, showcasing the heart of what he stands for as an artist, and his vision as a creative. Yes, his high pitched, warped vocals are incredible to hear, but if you truly listen to how talented he is as a lyricist then the complete package will be presented to you.

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