Jordan Caesar – Rudy (Fresh New Album) (FFD Premiere)

Rudy is Jordan Caesar’s magnum opus. It is a body of work that can truly excel the scope, sound, style and understanding of hip hop. This is innovative music at its very finest. A traditional write up is not only a disservice to the album, but also not applicable. As I sat down to write this, I realized I couldn’t describe it in the way I wanted to. There were just no words I could put together to tell you how important it is to Chicago, and the future of music. What I can say is that you’ve never heard an album quite like this before. It’s almost like Jordan recorded this 20 years into the future, and then found a way back to share it with all of us on this very day. It is my honor to present to you, Rudy.


Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)

Yes, this is a list. Yes, it’s my personal opinion. Music is always subjective. Maybe ya’ll know all these songs. But…I think you’re going to find some dope stuff. The site was born off of my passion in sharing great music. That hasn’t changed. Go enjoy!

Leona – ASL

I first discovered the group ASL on a random blog a few weeks ago. In May, the LA group traveled to Mexico and worked for 72 hours straight to create what I consider to be one of the better EPs of the year, El Ganzo. These guys are pop writing legends, but don’t get it twisted. El Ganzo is far from tired and commercial. The group is big on experimentation. The music may sound familiar at first until you realize no one else has made music quite like this before.

Leona stands out above the rest, although every track can be binged on depending on your taste in music. The structure, songwriting, vocals and backing band are fresh and innovative. It was the chorus that got me at hello.

Risky – Lil Moe 6Blocka + 22 Gz


Aromatherapy – Ramadiz (feat. City James)

Killed that shit.

Ride Out – Baddnews

If anyone watched the hip hop competition Rhythm & Flow in 2019 (Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, and T.I. were the hosts) you’ll be excited about this one. Baddnews was one of my favorite competitors on the show, and I had him higher on the list than most of the judges. After the show he released 7 singles and even got Benny The Butcher on Good Vibes (another highlight of the year.) It was his 6th single Ride Out that wowed me the most.

So They Say – Patrick Paige ll


Why Isn’t Azizz & lifeofsaeed’s New Song DREAMS Not On The Charts???

Hold up…why isn’t DREAMS on the Apple Music and Spotify charts? Oh yeah, nowadays if you don’t have a big name or feature attached to a song it goes in the trash. Isn’t even considered. This practice continues to get worse and worse, and makes me angrier by the year. See, Azizz’s new single DREAMS (featuring lifeofsaeed) should be blowing the fuck up. It should be high up on the list of best new songs. It sounds just as good, or even better, than Wizkid’s monumental record Essence featuring Justin Bieber and Tems. Let’s get one thing straight, I love that song. One of my favorites of the year. But think about it. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber. People are afraid to admit they are Justin Bieber fans. I’m not one of them. I like a lot of his music.

The point is, DREAMS is as organic as they come. It’s like floating on a river. This is a song that can be a playlist on its own. It’s that good. Sensual, groovy, and backed by a soulful afro-beat instrumental. Azizz has a voice like no other. His spirit shines through, and his love for music are words that do not need to be spoken. Listen – and you’ll know.

DREAMS cannot be reviewed without lifeofsaeed’s contribution. He’s a fucking genius. He’s not only a great lyricist; he knows exactly how to enter and exit without changing the essence of DREAMS. Instant fan.

Amon – All My Life (From City Of Ali Soundtrack)

Amon is an artist I saw promise in from his very first submission in 2016. He continued to send me music, and I couldn’t find a flaw in any of them. This reigns even truer 5 years later with his contribution to an incredible new documentary titled City of Ali. The film details how Muhammad Ali’s death brought the people of his Kentucky hometown together for one unforgettable week. The beauty and spirit of the story is expounded upon in All my Life. It is a testament to Amon’s versatility as a musical artist to find and express such depth in sound and lyrics to encapsulate and bring more meaning to such an important film. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Renz Young – Tickets (New Track)

Milwaukee artist Renz Young has wowed me since I received his first submission 5 years ago. His freestyle to Chance The Rapper’s No Problem was unbelievable. I visited SoundCloud today at just the right time and re-familiarized myself with his music via his latest track, Tickets. It is 2 and half minutes of pure ferocity. You almost feel like you are in the booth with him, soaking up the energy and passion of a man who can fucking rap. Not just in the lyrical sense, but the effortlessness of his one liners, his ability to switch back and forth on a topic and still connect the two so it’s never confusing for the listener. He flexes at points, but in a way that shows his own self awareness in dealing with some of the traps of life that have consumed people for all of the wrong reasons. He captivates and excites, making it impossible to not hang on his every word. Tickets is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this week and I truly hope you at least give it a stream.

As an extra bonus, Renz performed Tickets on Musical Chairs which you can peep below.

MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)

I have known Mpulse since 2016. I don’t need any accolades…but the fact that I’ve posted him 23 times (starting off with his inclusion on my list of best loosies in 2016) makes this song and video heartbreaking. How frustrating would it be to undertake a 52-week campaign (in 2017) dropping a new song every week for a year, recording at a rapid pace, dropping EP after EP, only to feel unrecognized for his talent years later. I never covered him on the site for kicks and giggles. I only post music I love, and Mpulse has never dropped anything less than superb. Every submission I’ve received has been posted. I don’t do favors, and I’m pretty damn critical.

In FEELINGS, every line stands out in bold. I related to a lot of what he spoke about. Perhaps not in content, but overall theme. Throughout Mpulse’s musical career he has never sold out in sound or persona to become ‘more popular’, but constantly questions if he needs to fold or mold. His daughters are a blessing, but anxiety runs through him daily knowing that they need to be taken care of financially. Pulse knows his music barely pays the bills, but he does it like it’s making him rich. It is a lot to take on, and is unfortunately how the industry now works. He mentions that he’s living in 2000’s hip hop where underground rappers were praised for their lyrical content and intelligence. I miss those days myself.

As a personal shout out, I’m here for you Pulse.

Shot and edited by The Loafers

Produced by Air Flocko 

curtis bland – Spell (New Track)

For the first time in YEARS, I hopped on Soundcloud to scourer some dope cuts. I found one quickly and realized I need to visit the site way more often. curtis bland, an artist from Norway, recently dropped an incredibly impressive track with no hooks and no bullshit. Many rappers believe that if they rhyme well enough and take on a nonchalant attitude that they can create a rap song of this class. As many of you know, they are often wack. You have to sound natural, spit bars that flow off the top so effortlessly that you are put in a spell. See where I’m going with this? curtis embodies all of this, and if you listen to the song enough, you’ll be so captivated and excited about what he’ll say next that he’s got you right where he wants you.

While I do not know who produced this, at this point I have to. What an instrumental. I urge you to take 2 minutes out of your day and give Spell a solid spin. I’ve looked for curtis bland everywhere, but have found no luck. At least we have one spot to hear it.

For now – keep up with his new music by following him on Soundcloud.

He’s also inactive on Twitter (as far as I can tell) but he does have an Instagram profile.

jesse.5k – WERKIN AND SWERVIN (New Music Video)

Sheesh. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on flowsfordays. Luckily, the first submission I received confirmed the fact that I made the right decision to come back. jesse.5k is new to me, but after I watched his new music video WERKIN AND SWERVIN I became an instant fan. But it ran deeper than that. I was curious as to who this guy was as a human being, his inspirations, and of course his musical output.

The video starts out with a guy waking up, pulling up his phone, and watching the visual. He instantly becomes high out of his mind, eyes becoming the size of ping pong balls. Who could blame him? It’s insane to watch what he and director Brizzy Danks put together. Still, it’s jesse.5k’s performance that steals the show, showcasing the heart of what he stands for as an artist, and his vision as a creative. Yes, his high pitched, warped vocals are incredible to hear, but if you truly listen to how talented he is as a lyricist then the complete package will be presented to you.

FFD Interview: Tony Rose

Give us a proper introduction on yourself

I go by the name Tony Ro$e. Tony being my first name and Ro$e representing the city I’m from Portland, OR.

Why did you decide to get into music initially?

Music always came natural for me. I started off just redoing songs I thought were fire and makin them mine. Over time people heard them and the reaction I got was all I needed. It started with mainly a following at school and eventually turned into the city tappin in.

What are your earliest memories with music and hip hop?

My earliest memories are my pops riding around listening to DJ Quik’s first shit, goin to hella concerts, memorizing lyrics with my sister and cousins but freestylin wit my big bro is when I discovered a talent and love for it.

Which rappers were you listening to at an early age?

It’s always been diverse. From Pac to Biggie, E 40 to Mase, Brotha Lynch to Big L. Dogg Pound, Twista, Mac Dre I could go all day.

Do you remember the first rap you wrote?

I do lol. It was actually hard. It was to Heavy D’s “Big Daddy”. God bless the dead.

Let’s get into your music. What have you released so far?

I’ve released several singles and made some guest appearances. Most notably Eso.Xo.Supreme’s “NASA” and Prxscott’s “Cho$e Me”. My latest single dropped about a month ago and it’s been goin crazy. It’s entitled “Tax Free” and produced by KanielTheOne.

Do you have a favorite or one that you feel best represents you as an artist?

I would probably say “Tax Free” it was kinda my introduction to anyone unfamiliar with my shit.

Do you feel you’ve grown as an artist?

I’ve definitely grown as an artist. In the beginning I relied heavily on punchlines. I was kinda addicted to the reactions. Now I’m more into blending content and getting a clear message across.

Is there anyone you heavily fuck with?

Fasholy! It’s a lot of dope artists out right now. I fucks wit Rexx Life Raj, Boogie, PNB Rock, Roddy Rich, Tory Lanez, Lil Baby of course and Mozzy to name a few. I still listen to hella Nipsey too tho for sure.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I just make it a point to mix bars with the content. As far as beats it’s a mood thing. I definitely gravitate towards sample heavy joints tho.

Do you like any other genres?

Hell yeah, I’m a big fan of music in general. From soul to country. You can catch me listening to just about anything depending on the vibes.

Savage G Drops The Short But Sweet ‘Saint Laurent Sniper EP’

West LA native Savage G found the silver lining in his 3 month long quarantine. He recorded over 20 tracks in his bedroom apartment, and chose the best 5 for his latest offering, the Saint Laurent Sniper EP. While the man can rap, he is also a multi-faceted artist and human being which you will experience on each track. You’ll find 2 well executed trap-fused records that are far from duplicates, and a bit more reflective pieces in sound and tone thanks to compelling production from multi platinum producer Josh Petruccio, The Skylark, Benihana Boy & others. 

The Saint Laurent Sniper EP is sequenced beautifully, bringing you from beginning to end with anticipation and excitement. The length of the EP is also a plus; a way for new listeners to truly experience all that Savage G has to offer, and day 1 fans to hear his progression.

You can stream Saint Laurent Sniper EP on all platforms here!

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