Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)

Yes, this is a list. Yes, it’s my personal opinion. Music is always subjective. Maybe ya’ll know all these songs. But…I think you’re going to find some dope stuff. The site was born off of my passion in sharing great music. That hasn’t changed. Go enjoy! Leona – ASL I first discovered the group ASLContinue reading “Hidden Gems of 2021 (That You May Not Know Of…Yet)”


The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)

It’s impossible to keep up with the newest hip-hop releases. While streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music highlight them, they only do so once a week with almost no coverage of “less established” rappers. I write about music for a living, and still can’t keep up. I adore Chicago hip-hop and listen to itContinue reading “The Chicago Round Up​ (Monday, October 2nd)”

flowsfordays Presents: Our 50 Favorite Chicago Loosies Of 2016

I don’t even know how to start this off. So much work was put into this post. It was exhausting, it was time-consuming and it was fun. This isn’t a chore for me, more a celebration of Chicago hip hop. 2016 is almost over. Chicago has stood proud proving that the city can’t be fuckedContinue reading “flowsfordays Presents: Our 50 Favorite Chicago Loosies Of 2016”