Jocky Bay – OG Jocky (Track, Video, and Artist Spotlight)

Florida Platinum Dynasty Gang representative Jocky Bay has been involved in music since age 7. Initially singing in his mother’s church choir, he learned how to play 5 instruments by the time he was 12 years old.

Struggle often pushes us into creative outlets, and Jocky suffered early on in his life. His dad ended up going to jail when he turned 13, and writing poetry kept him sane. As time went on, the poems turned into raps, and by the time Jocky was 20 he decided to pursue a music career.

He’s been working relentlessly on his upcoming project Florida Boi Blues, which is set to drop on Father’s Day. This is a very significant day for him, and a perfect time to release his debut.

I am pretty strict on our submission rules as I like to keep content fresh and timely. Although the official music video and SoundCloud stream of OG Jocky was released some time ago, his story moved me and I decided to make a rare exception.

The actual music and video are entertaining, but contain some somber lyrics. One sticks out in particular “Damn I miss my Daddy.” While sonically it may sound like a bouncy down south anthem, there is much more to it.

Get ready for Florida Boi Blues dropping on the 7th of June by following him on SoundCloud.


Law Tha Dragon drops his best visual yet in ‘Free Spirit’ (New Video + Artist Spotlight)

Taking time off from a buzzing music career is few and far between. East side of Chicago rapper Law Tha Dragon knows this first hand. He’s been pursuing music since 2011, and dropped his first mixtape in 2012.

Fresh Start wasn’t a drop in the pan release, as he teamed up with Chicago legend DJ Honorz via LiveMixtapes. Law wasn’t satisfied with his sound, so he took a break to re-brand it. It all came together with the release of his independent album Sleepless Nights, which hit all major streaming sites in June of 2015.

The development paid off, as his aggressive approach to hip hop sounded more polished and passionate. It is best shown with the title track off his recent project, Free Spirit. Today we’ve been blessed with the visual treatment shot by Rickee Arts. Every bar is fueled with a confident camera presence, as we find Law on top of buildings, speaking on his soon to be takeover of the Chicago hip hop world.

Stream Free Spirit below.

Adam Reverie – Passion (Video + Review)

Adam Reverie is celebrated amongst all of my blogger friends. From Justice (of the to Joe Hovas, ( everyone seems to have caught on to his undeniable talent. When I started my first blog in 2011, Adam was one of the first artists that reached out to me. His first submission was Black Boy Out In Poverty, which sits in my iTunes to this day.  I’ve watched him grow for 6 years, and the hard work has continued to pay off.

Last year I purchased a physical copy of his EP Soul Ties after playing it through only once. (It helped that he did an excellent job on the packaging.) The project was released 8 months ago, and up until April, his output had ceased. Then his single Passion dropped, and SoundCloud went crazy. Now, with over 30K plays, we’ve got the official music video to the best song he’s ever created.

The quality of the song is matched with the visual directed by Uprising.TV & co-directed by himself. Reverie gives a passionate performance laced with high energy, vicious lyricism & a bad boy persona. His presence on film is exceptional; but it is the inspiring footage from his Sway In The Morning appearance that ties it altogether. It’s hard to imagine Adam doing anything other then prospering in 2017.

Skipp Whitman – Wild World (Video)

Hip hop started with the struggle. From The Message to Fuck The Police, to the expression of emotional struggle from cats like Drake and Chance The Rapper, we’ve heard pain and suffering since the inception of the genre.

While celebratory songs have always been a part of rap, we relate more to the trials and tribulations of relationships, mental illness, and the like. But, where are records about achievement and happiness?

Wild World, Skipp Whitman’s ode to the beauty in life, has hit on all of the above. This quote from Skip himself might give you a better understanding of the song:

There is something about moving on to the next phase of your life which forces you to think back on what it took to get you to where you are, and about what may lie ahead of you – in your future.

In the video, shot in North Hollywood, CA, you’ll see Skipp basking in the sun surrounded by a pool, seemingly as a metaphor for the bright aura that has surrounded his being.

The visual is shot by Imani Pina for Sweven Productions, and co produced by Elijah Harris. Wild World, is a song from Skipp’s new album, Piece, that I highly recommend giving a spin.

Plug Migo – Gracias (Video)

Westsider Plug Migo may be the busiest rapper in Chicago. He’s worked with KD Yung Cocky, G- Herbo, Mikey Dollaz, co-directed a host of music videos, and has been mixing for King Louie’s highly anticipated mixtape Jeep Music 2. On top of that, he raps and produces.

He’s been putting the finishing touches on his second mixtape migoGOD, (almost entirely self produced) and continues to push his campaign with the release of 6 visuals in just 2 months. Today marks the 7th in Gracias. This is one of the highest quality videos we’ve ever come across, from the crystal clear resolution to the film like sequences. It’s shot by frequent collaborator DADAcreative, who is up to 126K subscribers on YouTube.

Gracias has all the elements of a hit single, with a trap infused beat and addictive chorus from Plug himself. Stay tuned for migoGod by following Plug on Twitter

Mikeyy Austin – Elevate (Video)

I’ve been watching Mikeyy Austin progress as an artist since his first submission to the blog. He’s definitely upped his game, from production choice to his press releases. His new project, Lifted, is set to release on the 19th, and he’s been promoting like crazy. It’s been a successful campaign – especially with the release of his new visual, Elevate. It was shot at CrossWinds Avaiation School in Howell, MI, and features a slew of artists, such as Alfred Singleton III & Taylor Taylor. (Production comes from EssBE, YoungHeat + The Happy Medium.)

They all contributed to a fun narrative that is a great precursor to the theme of the new LP. Below is the album artwork and track-list, along with official Lifted merch, which you purchase here.




Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.28.28 AM.png

C. Shreve – The Visual Freestyle + In The Air (New Video + Track)

C. Shreve is an underground rap fan’s wet dream. He has all the making of becoming a cult figure in the alternative scene, and he’s already well on his way. There’s a reason we’ve been talking about him for months.

Today we’ve got 2 very different releases in a video freestyle and record that’s been in the vault for some time now. The Visual Freestyle is presented by Danny Digital, who captures Shreeve’s abstract delivery and confidence. You’ll see him and him only, with no distractions. If you aren’t already familiar with him this is the perfect introduction, as the freestyle is only 1 minute, and totally acapella.

Below that is a song called In The Air, produced by YSOSERIOUZ? Over the airy beat, Shreeve drops dizzying metaphors; flexing with proof of his genius. Check out his other releases here.

Photo Credit: Christopher Deverell

Aiona – You And I (Video)

Aiona is talented beyond her years. She produces, sings beautifully, and has serious acting skills. Want proof? Peep her debut music video for track You And I. It dropped just a week ago and is already picking drawing heavy attention.

She’s fierce on this one, singing about a past relationship that ended no thanks to her ex. She isn’t one to be fucked with, and has no trouble letting us know. Lyrically she rivals the top songstresses in the game. There is an obvious hip hop element thanks to the instrumental from Kyle Wildfern, who also provides additional vocals.

Director Civil Savage & videographer Drew brought out her acting prowess and developed a compelling narrative that kept me at full attention. Peep above and get lost in Aiona’s dark + sultry vocals.

Nuke Franklin (feat. Tae Miles and Nathaniel Lee) – Right Now (Video)

The EP NukeTown from Cleveland’s Nuke Franklin is one of my favorite projects of the year. We highlighted it as soon as it came out, speaking on its introspection and boldness. It did great numbers, and I’m happy to see buzz building for this talented rapper.

To keep the momentum going Nuke has dropped a visual for the closing track off the project. It’s a two parter, titled Check$ Up/Right Now. It was a highlight record for me, and a perfect way to end the piece.

The official video was shot by Frisko Gallo, and starts with Nuke on a rooftop, rapping with ease. Featured artists Tae Miles and Nathaniel Lee come in at different times throughout the almost 4 minute record, performing wth their unique rapping style and utilizing their personality. I recommend you check out the entire EP, which is below for your convenience.



Rebel Legato – Wa$teLand (New Track + Video)

I’m a big fan of double drops. It’s a rare occurrence, but when it happens it’s amazing. Today we’ve got another talent out of Chicago named Rebel Legato. The 24 year old emcee has been hard at work on his upcoming project Rebel $eason, and to build buzz he’s dropped the first single Wa$teLand.

His description of the song and visual is insightful, so I’ll let him take it from here:

This track is about my opinion on what I believe is a “waste” from questioning why the sky is black at night, but the clouds remain grey, to simply stating “if you don’t smoke, that’s a waste.” The visual has a grimey vintage look to the video to convey decay.

Fairplay – I Got The City (Video)

Chicago emcee Fairplay impressed me with his newest music video I Got The City. It was submitted to me from one of his supporters, and from the jump I could see why he’s gaining clout throughout the city.

Just a few months ago he dropped a compilation tape with his crew, titled Family and Money. It was pretty rough, but Fairplay shined and was the obvious star of the show. There’s no surprise he released a follow up, up to par with his music.

It’s a simple message, but not braggadocios. Although it was almost 5 minutes, I never got tired of his wordplay and slow rollin flow. The song was produced by Law Beatz, and self directed. It’s a strong message of his determination to make 2017 his best year yet.


Limm – Tokyo Freestyle (New Track & Video)

I’ve known Lim for awhile, and for the past two years or so, the kid from Upper Darby, PA has been releasing a lot content on his Soundcloud and social media accounts. Despite him being a personal friend, I have no bias towards his music. I have first hand seen him dedicate everything to rap, and his clout is just now starting to enlarge. He started with low quality productions, and is now shooting insane music videos and even opening up for Mac Miller at the SJU Spring Concert.

The production of this video, shot by MakeWondersPA, is extremely professional. It’s relatively simple, taking place in a college dorm room with people playing 2k in the background; a common college practice.

Limm went in on this beat. As he’s growing as an artist, he’s starting to develop his style and individuality. He can sing, he can flow, and he can throw some bars out. His versatility is what could potentially catapult him past the rest of the talented young artists in Philly.

Find his SoundCloud here

Frankie B, Jmir + Les Riley – Medicated (Video)

Frankie B has made a name throughout his hometown of Kansas City with his 2016 release For HerHe’s a master of creating sultry tracks about women and romance, but separates himself with his rough vocals and heavy bass production.

Just last month he dropped the best project of his career in the Papi Chulo album, propelled by the official single Medicated. It’s flawless, with an addicting chorus from Jmir and perfectly structured bars from featured rapper Les Riley and Frankie himself.

Comments on YouTube range from “omg her voice!” to “my new ringtone,” and once you press play you’ll understand their excitement. The official music video is directed by Shawn Riddle, and for just under 5 minutes he stays with the backdrop of a pool game, staying focused on each featured artist. Peep above.

Wil Akogu + Colin McGinn – Star (Acoustic Performance)

Hip hop can be an aggressive genre. Bass heavy and vulgar music seems to be the trend of 2017, with xxxtentacion being the perfect example. His music has permeated music blogs, has broken streaming records, and is relentlessly talked about on social media.

There are few rappers who concentrate on using their music to empower. Instrumentation has become processed; purely computer generated. While this music has its time and place, it is refreshing to hear songs completely stripped down.

Chicago favorite Wil Akogu just released (and starred) in a video exploring the impact of pure rhyming. Working with Off Kilter, he was featured in a purely acoustic “workshop.” It was just him and Colin McGinn, who provided the chorus and guitar work. Wil performed a unreleased cut titled Star, which is all about the beauty of women.

Wil isn’t afraid to use different mediums to break boundaries; perfectly depicted by the video.

Cohiba Season – Express Five (Intro) (Video)

If you’re in the market for some MF Doom esq hip hop, Cohiba Season has got your back. The New Jersey native has been pushing his music for some time now, and hip hop fans are finally taking notice. A few months ago he dropped a heavy EP titled Express Five, that drew some well deserved attention. Thanks to producer Chuck Kennedy, (who is all over the project) Cohiba successfully captured the essence of abstract hip hop.

Don’t be fooled; he can rap his ass of. His storytelling on Express Five is vivid, and his transitions seem effortless. The project is his introduction to the city of New York, where he currently resides.

The intro track, which may be the strongest, has just gotten the visual treatment. Cohiba takes us around New York, giving us an inside look on the gritty city. Hit play above and look out for more from this promising emcee.

Directed by Josh Hoang

Kutty Bear (feat. Gee Watts and Marcus Yates) – Probably (Video)

Kutty Bear has been making a name for himself in his hometown of Kansas City by constantly putting out new music. He’s dropped mixtape after mixtape, keeping his name relevant in the scene.

He’s all the way up to part 5 of his The Bear Chronicles, and to build some buzz he’s decided to release a visual. Above is Probably, one of the tracks off the upcoming project. It features fellow Kansas Citians Gee Watts and Marcus Yates. There’s a story line in this, but the most important part is the music.

Peep above and get ready for more music from Kutty.

Threat Digga – God Body (Video)

South Jersey’s Threat Digga is a favorite over here at flowsfordays. One of our first Dissection Interviews featured him when he dropped the excellent single God Level. A few months later came the official music video.

Threat does a great job of promoting his new music and then releasing a high quality visual to go along with it. March of this year saw a new single, and just a month later another video is here. Threat is a strong personality and performs on the camera with ease. It all feels so natural. As we noted before, God Body was a great body of work, (no pun intended) and the visual is no different.

Let’s also note the superb camera work from Fantastic Films who finds just the right angles to capture Threat’s rhymes and cadence.

Säge, The 64th Wonder – Phoenix Rising (Video)

A statement needs to be made: Säge, The 64th Wonder is one of, if not the most, underrated rapper out of Chicago. He puts out content frequently, and his fans can attest that every album, single and video are A1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and learning more about his creative process.

His visuals are consistently well thought out and push boundaries. His newest, Phoenix Rising, continues with the intriguing aesthetic with a lot of help from director Father Darko (Darko Visuals.) Säge falls into a technicolor abyss, spitting reflective bars with a dense flow. The song  is the latest single for his up and coming album Dead.Villainy, which is dropping soon (anyone get the reference?)

The Village – Perfect Timing (Video)

Just a month ago the Philly duo The Village dropped one of the strongest projects of the year. Dizzy & Mayes complimented one another on every single track, each contributing their unique style of rhyming.

Perfect Timing was a hell of an intro to G.O.D I Growth Overcame Doubt, and now we’ve got the official music video. It’s straight forward, with a focus on wordplay and metaphors that seem to flow effortlessly. Plum Creek Productions directed the visual and captured the vibe perfectly.

Ausar, Josi Green + Plainro – Dirty Laundry (Video)

We are big fans of the 3 artists featured in Dirty Laundry. We’ve covered them extensively, as Ausar has made year end lists, we’ve premiered Plainro’s new music, and given Josi the top spot in our Better Half Playlists. There is just too much to link you to, but search any of them on the top of our page and you will find everything your heart desires.

At the tail end of last year, Ausar dropped one of the best mixtapes of the year in The 6 Page Letter. It truly blew me away. While it wasn’t my introduction to Planiro or Josi, their collaborative efforts brought a new side to each artist. Ausar provides the singing and rapping, Plainro the harmonizing, and Josi the straight up bars.

It was truly a blessing to receive the visual treatment to my favorite song on the project. Always working director Pat Banahan put together a true concept video without making it corny. It’s obvious all 3 artists involved are friends and enjoy working with one another. Fun fact – they are part of a music collective called A.I.M. Peep above.