MPULSE – FEELINGS (New Music Video)

I have known Mpulse since 2016. I don’t need any accolades…but the fact that I’ve posted him 23 times (starting off with his inclusion on my list of best loosies in 2016) makes this song and video heartbreaking. How frustrating would it be to undertake a 52-week campaign (in 2017) dropping a new song every week for a year, recording at a rapid pace, dropping EP after EP, only to feel unrecognized for his talent years later. I never covered him on the site for kicks and giggles. I only post music I love, and Mpulse has never dropped anything less than superb. Every submission I’ve received has been posted. I don’t do favors, and I’m pretty damn critical.

In FEELINGS, every line stands out in bold. I related to a lot of what he spoke about. Perhaps not in content, but overall theme. Throughout Mpulse’s musical career he has never sold out in sound or persona to become ‘more popular’, but constantly questions if he needs to fold or mold. His daughters are a blessing, but anxiety runs through him daily knowing that they need to be taken care of financially. Pulse knows his music barely pays the bills, but he does it like it’s making him rich. It is a lot to take on, and is unfortunately how the industry now works. He mentions that he’s living in 2000’s hip hop where underground rappers were praised for their lyrical content and intelligence. I miss those days myself.

As a personal shout out, I’m here for you Pulse.

Shot and edited by The Loafers

Produced by Air Flocko 

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