North Carolina’s Siyah Drops His 2nd, and Best EP “Steadfast”

North Carolina’s Siyah has been hard at work since I first met him years ago. He’s put out 2 EPs, developing his sound and finding his lane. It’s all paid off with his newest, and best, Steadfast. His lyricism, flow, and confidence have grown, and all 6 tracks are very well developed. The production from the likes of RUEN, Spaceman Jones, and DJ Dallas (among others) keep the project diverse and engaging. His wit and soul is still there, speaking on heartfelt subjects that are near and dear to his heart. The features were well picked, as Kingdome Kome, Stephanie Morgan, and Stefaña Barcelona add the breaks to continue the progression. Siyah’s choice of album artwork is another layer to Steadfast that is important to peep now and then to fully grasp the project. The MC deserves a lot more praise and recognition for his work. Looks like Steadfast will do the job.