flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)

flowsfordays gets hit with over 400 submissions a month, making it difficult to listen to, consider, and write about each one. When my inbox is racking up an insane amount of unread emails, I put together a co-sign playlist. These are my favorite tracks from my submission pile, and honestly, they are all gems. Playlist #8 is definitely worth your time. You’ll hear hip hop, … Continue reading flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)

North Carolina’s Siyah Drops His 2nd, and Best EP “Steadfast”

North Carolina’s Siyah has been hard at work since I first met him years ago. He’s put out 2 EPs, developing his sound and finding his lane. It’s all paid off with his newest, and best, Steadfast. His lyricism, flow, and confidence have grown, and all 6 tracks are very well developed. The production from the likes of RUEN, Spaceman Jones, and DJ Dallas (among … Continue reading North Carolina’s Siyah Drops His 2nd, and Best EP “Steadfast”

Siyah – The Coronation (New Track)

North Carolina emcee Siyah has continued to impress me with his 2017 singles. I’ve watched him progress in the last few years, and it is truly great to see. He released his first cut back in February, which I really enjoyed. I wrote about his excellent rhyming abilities, and ever moving flow. His newest release, The Coronation has both, but is even more enjoyable that … Continue reading Siyah – The Coronation (New Track)

Siyah – New Chapter (New Track)

Siyah and I have been in contact since my Discover Good Music blog days (circa 2011). He’s grown so much since he submitted his first song, and it’s been incredible to witness. This is Siyah’s first post on flowsfordays, and the song is a doozy. New Chapter is a rebirth of the North Carolina emcee full of tight bars, reflective anecdotes, and a relaxed flow. … Continue reading Siyah – New Chapter (New Track)