Vic Mensa + Joey Purp – 773 Freestyle (New Track)

Joey Purp tweeted about it, and here it is. New music from the Save Money brothers.  773 is a freestyle session sprinkled with lyrics from the heavily shared Sway In the Morning video released a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure  if these verses are completely off the top, but either way it was quiet a treat to hear.

First things first I’m back at it and back in it
Kick my lean habit, quit with the ad-libbing
Niggas be back-packing, this ain’t no back-pack shit
Every boom bag I had had pounds in it
Let them boys keep the attention, glorifying all of the horror stories we get left with
Four or five niggas be bending corners in your section

– Joey Purp

My new girl work at the factory
Cheesecake, working on a degree from Northwestern
Told her study this D, teach the girl a lesson
Why they still out here wearing Birkenstocks
Work the block, niggas undercover serving cops
Underpaid and under pressure, under fear of getting shot
And the murder rate higher than Doctor Jay’s socks
Purp be the Pusha Man, word to Nate Fox
And nigga Vic be the fireman, keeping shit hot!

– Vic Mensa

Photo via DJ Booth