I was salty this past April 28th. It was a Thursday night, but it felt like it a Saturday back in high school when all my friends were headed to go see a movie and I was stuck doing homework because I had procrastinated so much from the week before. Yeah; it would get that bad. I guess I only have myself to blame.

These Days wrote an event piece announcing that on that April day Lil Uzi Vert along with Famous Dex, Martin $ky, Logan Cage, Warhol SS (damn he’s buzzin) and more would be performing at the Metro. The post came up on my Twitter feed and I immediately tried to find tickets. I couldn’t imagine a better lineup for the cost of $31. I failed to notice, tragically, that there were tickets available at the door for $36. I took the L silently.

I was bummed, and even more so after seeing concert footage via Mr. Cole Bennett (Lyrical Lemonade) who hosted the event. I decided to write this post as a bit of musical therapy, to get over something that happened almost four months ago. Yikes.

Uzi released his newest and most hyped project project, The Perfect Luv tape a little over a week ago and from what I’ve read, the response has been 50/50. After giving it many plays myself I deem it as a step above Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World and a pretty giant step below Luv is Rage. I’m hoping to get more credibility on the topic of hip hop on this blog vs. Discover Good Music so if you aren’t interested in my top picks from TPLT, maybe you will down the road. A girl can dream, right?

Of Course We Ghetto Flowers feat. Playboi Carti & Offset (Prod. by Maaly Raw)

I still stand behind the belief that without Lil Uzi constantly elevating his weirdness through each new single and project, he wouldn’t stay relevant and more so, fans and critics alike wouldn’t enjoy his music. The lackluster opener “Do What I Want” (which is clearly the worst track on TPLT) does little to prepare for the ball busting, bass shaking track Ghetto Flowers. How can a rapper who the majority of the time throws out only “woah, uhm, huh, what” on a hook sound so good? The hook and his scratchy/drowned out vocals is the meat of this track. It was when Offset and Uzi go back and forth on verse 3 that I prayed to the Rap Gods for a collaborative tape from them. This is the only collaboration I’ve heard from them and damn does it sound tight.

Original Uzi (4 Of Us) (Prod. by Maaly Raw)

I forgot to mention above that the production from Maaly Raw on Ghetto Flowers, and, subsequently, Original Uzi, is impeccable and brings the high energy vibe that Uzi does so well on. Back to the review.

4 Of Us is another standout cut due to, once again, that flow on the hook. We’ve heard something like it on many of his tracks, but it is much more magnified and improved on this one.

Erase Your Social (Prod. by Don Cannon & Lyle LeDuff)

A song from a 22 year old rapper about how social media is too personal is amazing. Not only is it amazing, it sounds really good. This record with Uzi singing is a little confusing, as I anticipated the subject matter to touch upon a relationship or love interest. Maybe that’s why I love Erase Your Social So Much. It is a pop wonderland and a very different sound from previous cuts on the tape.

Seven Million (feat. Future) (Prod. by Nard & B/XL & Don Cannon)

Is anyone surprised I included Seven Million? I love Future, but I wouldn’t have included this if he hadn’t contributed a noteworthy hook. It’s also a darker track than we have seen previously on this project. On verse 1 Uzi rhymes:

Girl you’re cool but you know I could find a better you

Feelings ain’t changed but you might need something’ new

Yeah, might need a better dude

Louis Vuitton, the Gabana, Prada, the better shoes

Uzi has recorded tracks that were self reflective before, but I think Future rubbed off on him a bit.

What are your favorite tracks on The Perfect Luv Tape? Tweet me or comment below.