Casey Cope Shows The True Nature Of Life In Near Perfect EP ‘For Now’

Casey Cope’s new album For Now is a beautiful representation of life’s truth. His style is part spoken poetry due to his unflapping honesty but is presented as full fledging rhymes that show no bounds or limitations. Sonically, the album is a masterpiece, containing melodic, electro-gospel similar in nature to Kanye West’s production on Yeezus. Dwell is the kick-off, an open letter of frustration in his stagnant life which serves as the main reason he created the album. Gorgeous soundscapes continue on that never falter in diversity as Casey talks to himself about the changes he needs to make. Instead of just making these statements, he describes how it is easier said than done, and how he struggles with it to this day.

He’s on a journey but also fighting with himself. He feels lucky to be alive but is in pain. He knows he needs to find healthier relationships, but past demons surround him and make it almost impossible.

The cover art reflects the style, instrumentals, expressions, and pure nature of his (and anyone’s) life that has no escape from private and public thoughts that will never stay even. We will all make mistakes. Casey’s reflections assure him that we all go through similar things. And while Casey is still on his journey, he found solace in this project. It is undeniable. Luckily for us, it sounds absolutely incredible. For Now is a true experience that is far from boring or dense. I highly recommend it to any human being in this world.


Rising Miami Artists Onstarcruz & Babywock Drop Bass Heavy Single ‘No Lip’

From the early eons of hip hop, Miami has provided us bass-heavy, upbeat, hip hop party jams to get lost in. In the worst of times, we can go back and listen to the genre’s humble beginnings which have carried on tradition into 2020. The fun hasn’t stopped as new music continues to flood in from the area in leaps and bounds. Take Onstarcruz & Babywock’s new track No Lip. Onstarcruz’s career was birthed by his love for two things: being surrounded by pretty women and having a good time. No Lip couldn’t be a better representation of this. Wock shares similar sentiments, but luxury is at the top of his list.

Over Drumline’s Miami club scene inspired beat, both Onstar and Wock spit silky, braggadocious lines about being the life of the party. The hard-hitting production alongside both rapper’s smooth vocals is the perfect juxtaposition for this jam. It is currently sitting at 19K+ streams on Spotify, and as time flies, I am convinced more hip hop heads will get in tune with their movement. Both artists are working on pushing out quality singles until they drop their joint project which is sure to be bangin. Babywock is also building his recently licensed record label Wock World Records LLC. 

Keem Singing Releases Powerful, Thought Provoking Music Video ‘It’s Going Down’

It’s rare to find both an incredible song sitting alongside an outstanding music video. Keem Singing does it all alongside talented videographer Scotty Rocks and director Hayward. All together they marvelously capture all that It’s Going Down embodies. Keem humbly depicts himself as Malcolm X, singing his truth about what is actually happening in every city of this country.

Vivid imagery of nooses being burned in a pile, people of all races standing together with a hand up, and the ever-present cop car pullover that Keem experiences while riding in his luxurious convertible…which is nothing new.

His vocals are gorgeous, bringing power and hope in his smooth delivery and stark acting. The most moving piece comes at the end, in a vocal clip which, in part, says: You are lucky black people are looking for equality, not revenge.

Overwhelmingly Talented Portland Trio Common Slumm Drop First Single ‘Thailand’ Off Upcoming EP

What a great new discovery! Portland trio Common Slumm just put out the first preview from their upcoming EP, Better Off Dead, dropping July 31st via Common Slumm LLC/Jus Family Records/Active Family. On Thailand, the trio perfected the best parts of all genres used including hip hop, alternative, emo, and a touch of electro. It’s hard to nail down the concept of the record, and that’s what makes it so addictive.

Lead vocalist Allah is upset over a woman who has ‘locked’ him in chains, but as the song progresses both lyrically and instrumentally, the chorus becomes a party record, linked to waterfalls in Thailand and other humorous musings. Producers J.Hixson and Reckless are undeniably talented. Thailand wouldn’t be the fun, catchy record it is without these guys. I am incredibly excited for Better Off Dead, and I’m confident you will be too after pressing play.

Illect Recordings: The Independent Hip Hop Label You Need To Know (And Their Latest Songs)

Josh from Illect Recordings has been sending me exciting, diverse content from his signee’s for years now. It is very rare that I don’t write about it because the music is so unique, creative, and beautifully blended with a host of influences. The label and the artists’ desire to create the best music possible oozes from every orifice.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted their music, but to no fault of their own. This is a post dedicated to their latest and greatest that deserve to be written about. Here we go!

K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Soulseize –  N.I.C.E.

Once again hooking up with his Swiss compadre Soulseize, K.I.N.E.T.I.K’s new song is like an inspirational quote that isn’t annoying. One of the greatest gifts he’s received is the ability to find love and gratitude in the darkest of places simply by watching his loved ones find peace and experiencing the beauty of life. If he can do it, you can, no matter the stress you are under. For the first time, he boldly embeds his West Indian heritage deep into his delivery and delivers a powerful, yet positive song over Soulseize’s boom-bap slaps and sax.

Stream at all digital outlets:

DIE-REK – Praises of Men

Toronto native DIE-REK composes his lyrics with substance and dignity. He’s proven it for some time now, especially after his latest full length The Dying OnesOne of the most important tracks off of the LP is its’ 3rd single, Praises of Men. It’s almost as if we are invited into his private thoughts and feelings perhaps in his room, contemplating life. Praises of Men has no clear cut message nor happy ending, and that’s the beauty of it. There is not one person alive that can say they haven’t thought off the cuff like this. DIE-REK wants to focus on himself and believe in God, but his circumstances and the dark corners of his mind have him struggling. It is a brave, distinctive voice,from a half poet, half emcee.

Stream The Dying Ones here.

Sareem Poems & Newselph – That’s What I’m On

One of my favorite duos in hip hop have hit us with ANOTHER track off their upcoming album. These guys never fail to deliver, reinvent, and challenge the status-quo of hip hop. That’s What I’m On contains a groovy funk/jazz beat that sounds like an entire band came into the studio and perfected their respective instruments. Sareem oozes a vibe that empowers, dancing upon the in-between silences of strings, drums, and whatever else Newsleph graces him with. Sareem is calm and collected, even when mentioning that instead of holding a piece (gun), he decided to dive into music…and that doesn’t make him less of a man. The title is representative of what you’ll hear and feel…almost as if a jam band and emcee was playing in front of you at an outdoor festival or restaurant.

Stream on all outlets:

Sareem Poems & Newselph- Lessons (ft. Macklyn & Monielle)

Whenever I listen to a collab between Sareem & Newsleph, I feel as though if we met we’d vibe so well and instantly become friends. Their entire aesthetic speaks to me in such a strong way, and only grows as more and more music comes my way. Lessons might just be my favorite cut from them. Sometimes it’s hard to write about their music because it is best explained musically. And that is what I’m doing to do this time. Listen and you’ll understand why I feel the way I do.

Amerigo Gazaway Challenges Systematic Racism In New Single ‘Indivisible’

A perfect way to enter back into the blogging game – Amerigo Gazaway’s new single Indivisible. So much time and thought went into a song that both uplifts and challenges. Every time we see another atrocious hate crime, a death by racist cops or rednecks, and everything inbetween, eventually our pain, hurt, and anger cannot be held in. We have fought. We have rallied. We have shared our truth and come together in unity, peace and love. Even in our protests, cops have almost killed us. Punched and kicked us. Beat us. Tried to hit us with their cars like we are dirty animals. But we prevail, and we stay strong.

When a month or two has gone by after one of these viral videos, many people decide that it’s been long enough, and say ‘I’ve done enough.’ This act is one of the biggest problems of the system, of the fight. Amerigo speaks on this, along with a powerful semi chorus about ‘white priviledge.’ They don’t feel it, and he has lived it. When someone has lived through something where stigmatization runs rampant, when judgement comes just by your skin color or other ways you represent yourself, no one can truly understand what it’s like.

There is only power and strength in Indivisible. A smooth instrumental among gorgeous trumpets shows us that music can be impactful in creativity and intent.

As the son of an immigrant and an artist who has dedicated my life and career to the celebration and preservation of Black music, I feel it is my duty and moral obligation to speak up about the systemic racism that has plagued our country for centuries. Growing up in the South, I’ve had my own share of terrifying encounters with the police and overt racism, but these experiences are only a fraction of the trauma that black people in the United States endure on a daily basis. Black lives have been under attack since the founding of this country and it is imperative that we dismantle the corrupt systems of hatred, white supremacy and racial oppression once and for all.

– Amerigo Gazaway

C. Shreve The Professor Borders On Insanity In Bombastic New Song and Visual ‘Minds Outta Order’

The most impressive song/video this side of April goes to C. Shreve The Professor’s Minds Outta Order for obvious reasons once you press play. From the opening visual of the needle hitting a vinyl record, Shreeve goes into beast mode with chaos so impressive that every bar, metaphor, simile, and description borders on literal insanity. This is a song more than worthy of its title, and thanks to Jarv who produced, directed, edited, and filmed the gritty basement performance, you’ll not only feel invigorated, you’ll find inspiration to take on the day with confidence and energy. HIGHLY recommended.

Catching Up On Submissions Part 7 (Best Of)

Supreme Sol – Sunshine (Music Video)

Over lively, atmospheric production by Handbook, Supreme Sol packs brags, boasts, deep thoughts, metaphysical manifestations, and more into tight bars that showcase his personality and unique flow and style. You’ll receive the gift of inspiration for the tough times we are in.

KINETIK & Newselph – The Simple Life (Single)

Syntax Creative · K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Newselph – “The Simple Life”

UK emcee KINETIK and producer Newsleph come together for a new, uplifting single titled The Simple Life. I am very familiar with both artists as they are on one of the best independent record labels around – ILLECT Recordings. Over Newsleph’s mellow, eclectic beat, KINETIK raps at a relaxed pace, telling us that although our country is going through lock-downs and quarantines, all we really need to enjoy and live life are simple things that we should no longer take for granted.

Stream on your favorite platform here.

Faso – Glitter (Single)

Inspired by a 70’s retro sound, Faso’s new single Glitter is an upbeat track that showcases the pop side of the upcoming Vegas creative. It’s easy to dance to, but also includes depth and great songwriting. Faso is an emcee and singer, and in Glitter he uses both to great effect. His voice is flawless and so fluid it almost seems effortless. But, Faso also has rhyming skills and uses the perfect amount to tell a story about the ups and downs of balancing a relationship with the one you love AND the seductive vices that come with a life in the spotlight. The song is FAR from corny, and the instrumental by River Beats (that Faso instantly connected to) gave him the room to display the many skills he possesses and new ones that are already developing.

Wildelux, Roccwell, & DJ 12 FingerDan – The Time Is Now (Music Video)

After more than 20 years in the rap game, Wildelux continues to put out strong, engaging content. He’s always been a master at sticking to his grassroots movement and building a loyal following from around the world. Originally from the Bronx, living in LA for 15 years, and now residing in Japan, Wildelux continues to tour and work with artists and beatsmiths.

One of those producers is the legendary Roccwell who has collaborated with the likes of Ruste Juxx, Craig G, and many more that fit the bill for the true hip hop heads that respect the humble beginnings of the genre.

They met in Kyoto and vibed right away. Their latest video/single The Time Is Now is the outcome of their undeniable chemistry and new work together. Roccwell drops REAL knowledge over a true hip hop instrumental that contains scratches (from DJ 12 FingerDan) and a perfect mix of samples and a hard-hitting boom-bap beat. The Time Is Now will be included on Roccwell’s upcoming producer album Still Lovin´Boombap.

Brill – Something Different (featuring Chanelle Truvillion & Untamedbst) (Single)

Chicago artist Brill NEVER ceases to amaze me. I’ve been keeping up with his music for years now, and he only gets better with time. His latest single, Something Different featuring absolutely gorgeous backing vocals from Chanelle Truvillion. The track is a modern R&B MASTERPIECE. The songwriting, singing, and song structure is brilliant, inviting you into a sonic wonderland thanks to producer Untamedbst.

Stream on your favorite platform here.

California Rapper, Singer, & Producer brbn Drops Hypnotic New Love Song ‘Let’s Go Home’

It’s rare in this confined, claustrophobic time to connect with a song (and for that matter a visual) so deeply. Sure enough, California artist/producer brbn gave me that feeling on his latest single Let’s Go Home. He has cultivated a sound all his own while managing to grow his fan base at a rapid rate. Although b has a softer tone, his songwriting skills are strong, creating a hypnotic love song about wanting to bring a special girl home.

The visual is simple; brbn rapping and singing atop his bed. But his performance is so engaging and natural that there is no desire to skip ahead or ignore it altogether. b has used his enigmatic persona to create anticipation for each new release which has cultivated more interest around his music.

You can stream Let’s Go Home on your favorite platform here.

Chicago’s Own Dav Paris Digs Deep on Incomparable New Music Video ‘SOMEDAY’S (I GOT ISSUES)

It is impossible to put Chicago writer, rapper and vocalist Dav Paris inside of a box. When discussing music, it’s almost too easy to attach someone’s sound to a particular genre or label it as such and such. Even if I spent hours writing about his latest music video, SOMEDAYS (I GOT ISSUES), it is only through watching that you’ll understand him. I mean all of this with the utmost respect. This is actually one of the highest compliments an artist can receive, especially if they are good at what they do. And Dav is good at what he does.

Dav has been buzzing around the city in recent years, dropping an EP, singles, and even hitting radio stations to discuss his music. Blogs have been covering him from the get-go, and why not?

SOMEDAYS (I GOT ISSUES) is the definition of less is more, containing a gorgeous acoustic backing (produced by GC Beats) poetic musings, and a chorus that is as catchy as it is intriguing. Most importantly, the Michael Kettenbeil directed visual is located in an empty room with one chair, a mirror, and open curtains that let in natural sunlight. The focus is squarely on Dav, and in this brief clip, you can watch his personality shine through. He’s perfectly imperfect; a human being we can all relate to that has an innate ability to convey his experiences and emotions into extraordinary music.

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