Chicago Staple Monty Psychs Looks For Room To Grow In New Self Produced Track ‘Cacoon’

Monty Psychs is a staple over here in Chicago. The versatile emcee has been featured on well known hip hop sites in the city (and beyond) and has had a host of music videos hosted on Elevator. He’s absolutely incredible and continues to progress in the continuous years of his career.

His latest single, Cacoon, is another progressive, dynamite track that he slips into with poise and clarity. Monty describes the song as ‘aka Wrapped Up: a metaphor of striving to grow in an environment that seems to keep that dream trapped in a system with 808’s.’

His lyrics are meant to be pondered upon, but it is his delivery that embodies the claustrophobia of his existence. Monty pairs it with his self produced, hazy, eerie instrumental; perpetuating the motion of feeling wrapped up in a place that gives him no room to grow. He has experienced it all his life and knows that among many challenges, he needs to find a way to break free and fly away to better pastures.


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