MeRCY Opens Up About The Challenges of Parenting in Heartbreaking New Track ‘Father’s Day’

Back in February of this year, I was astounded by a collaborative project between MeRCY and Chief Tony titled Sophisticated Thuggery. It was a hard-bodied, lyrical gem that dug deep into the true essence of hip hop. I loved it so much that just a month later I reached out to them to conduct an interview for the site. They were genuine and honest in their answers, and I couldn’t wait to hear what was next for them either as solo artists or as a duo.

MeRCY hit me up first for his heartbreaking new song, Father’s Day. It is rare for me to get teary-eyed while listening to a hip hop song, but I couldn’t help my emotionality. MeRCY co-parents a wonderful daughter who he loves desperately. But his past and present still hovers over him and affects how he parents. Back in the day, his main goal was to be the hardest by getting into street antics. A parent always wants their child to have what they never had growing up, and MeRCY had a bad example from his father. He calls himself ‘the quiet storm’ – and continues to express how he ‘can’t be broke on father’s day.’ The way we grew up, the examples that were set for us by our parents, are the most important years of our lives. Once we realize they didn’t teach us well, it is our job to change it. But it does not come without enormous challenges. I know all too well. The intimate production by LIVIN’ brings MeRCY’s message to life. And what a message it is.

His new album EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN is coming soon!


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