What a great new discovery! Portland trio Common Slumm just put out the first preview from their upcoming EP, Better Off Dead, dropping July 31st via Common Slumm LLC/Jus Family Records/Active Family. On Thailand, the trio perfected the best parts of all genres used including hip hop, alternative, emo, and a touch of electro. It’s hard to nail down the concept of the record, and that’s what makes it so addictive.

Lead vocalist Allah is upset over a woman who has ‘locked’ him in chains, but as the song progresses both lyrically and instrumentally, the chorus becomes a party record, linked to waterfalls in Thailand and other humorous musings. Producers J.Hixson and Reckless are undeniably talented. Thailand wouldn’t be the fun, catchy record it is without these guys. I am incredibly excited for Better Off Dead, and I’m confident you will be too after pressing play.