Massachusetts Production Duo CLOAQxDAGGER Drop Astounding New Project ‘A Working Title’

Crack Sizzlack & Mathias, the Massachusetts production duo also known as CLOAQxDAGGER, have been dropping singles and visuals to hype up their latest album, A Working Title. It was worth the wait. The LP is a tight representation of how much the duo can provide for the right artists. They’ve chosen a vast array of incredibly talented lyricists with different styles, abilities, and lyrical content. Genres are mixed, instruments are blended, and experimentation is abundant. It is best to briefly go through each track to understand what you’re in for.

Bipolar is a spazz out highly orchestrated instrumental, while Mogawai’s Revenge is a traditional hip hop cut with Judge the Disciple & Slant Heddshotts proclaiming no one can fuck with them on the lyrical tip. Track #4 (which is untitled) shows CLOAGxDAGGER’s ability to create hazy, psychedelic jam outs around Heddshotts & DJ Slipwax’s energetic lyrics. On The Imperial, Heddshotts delivers gritty, self-reflective bars that sound like he’s out for murder. Highly orchestrated High Roller wraps around Falconcrest’s tales of homies in jail, crack, and the unfortunate reality of people close to him. Marvin Hagler is all bars on bars, as W.O.K.E. & DJ Slipwax rhyme with fury, holding nothing back.

Ain’t the Same is the final track, and the most low key. Featured artist P-RO has an excellent handle of song structure which you’ll hear throughout. The track is super emotional, full of regrets in his life, but also pieces of joy. Once again, CLOAQxDAGGER defy genres with high pitched guitar licks that grow whenever the chorus hits.

This is an album that’s more than worth listening to. To truly support the group, you can also buy it on CD and vinyl on their Bandcamp page.


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