Casey Cope Shows The True Nature Of Life In Near Perfect EP ‘For Now’

Casey Cope’s new album For Now is a beautiful representation of life’s truth. His style is part spoken poetry due to his unflapping honesty but is presented as full fledging rhymes that show no bounds or limitations. Sonically, the album is a masterpiece, containing melodic, electro-gospel similar in nature to Kanye West’s production on Yeezus. Dwell is the kick-off, an open letter of frustration in his stagnant life which serves as the main reason he created the album. Gorgeous soundscapes continue on that never falter in diversity as Casey talks to himself about the changes he needs to make. Instead of just making these statements, he describes how it is easier said than done, and how he struggles with it to this day.

He’s on a journey but also fighting with himself. He feels lucky to be alive but is in pain. He knows he needs to find healthier relationships, but past demons surround him and make it almost impossible.

The cover art reflects the style, instrumentals, expressions, and pure nature of his (and anyone’s) life that has no escape from private and public thoughts that will never stay even. We will all make mistakes. Casey’s reflections assure him that we all go through similar things. And while Casey is still on his journey, he found solace in this project. It is undeniable. Luckily for us, it sounds absolutely incredible. For Now is a true experience that is far from boring or dense. I highly recommend it to any human being in this world.


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