Keem Singing Releases Powerful, Thought Provoking Music Video ‘It’s Going Down’

It’s rare to find both an incredible song sitting alongside an outstanding music video. Keem Singing does it all alongside talented videographer Scotty Rocks and director Hayward. All together they marvelously capture all that It’s Going Down embodies. Keem humbly depicts himself as Malcolm X, singing his truth about what is actually happening in every city of this country.

Vivid imagery of nooses being burned in a pile, people of all races standing together with a hand up, and the ever-present cop car pullover that Keem experiences while riding in his luxurious convertible…which is nothing new.

His vocals are gorgeous, bringing power and hope in his smooth delivery and stark acting. The most moving piece comes at the end, in a vocal clip which, in part, says: You are lucky black people are looking for equality, not revenge.


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