Gold Haze – Shame (NEW MUSIC VIDEO)

Chicago artist are making it difficult for anyone to ignore their hard efforts. Being introduced to the art scene only three years ago, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, HERE is where I must imagine every artist would want to be. The talent is unmatched. Every event has been diverse and I’ve traveled backContinue reading “Gold Haze – Shame (NEW MUSIC VIDEO)”


Louis Marx (feat. Jimiece Jasmine) – “Thank You” (New Track)

This morning, I check my messages to see a link to a track titled “Thank You“. While listening, there was no way for me to hide the smile forming on my face. Throughout the past few years, if you have been paying close attention, you can hear a transitioning in the sound. Louis Marx doesn’tContinue reading “Louis Marx (feat. Jimiece Jasmine) – “Thank You” (New Track)”

J.Lamar – “1UP” (New Music Video)

Who doesn’t love the classic story of an underdog? Though every obstacle may seem to be stacked against them, they fight and sweat their way to the top. Sometimes, even tears are shed along the journey. No matter the task set before them, there are never any excuses. Today, J.Lamar is THAT underdog. Now, IContinue reading “J.Lamar – “1UP” (New Music Video)”

Merci Magnetik – The One (New Track)

Growing up, there was a yellow and black cassette player I would drag throughout every room of our house. My cassette player was some sort of time traveling device. So leaving it in the hands of just anyone could be fatal. I needed my eyes on it at all times. This well worn device neededContinue reading “Merci Magnetik – The One (New Track)”

Dre Izaya – Words Cost (NEW TRACK)

Last year, an emcee who goes by DreIzaya quietly slipped past our radar. Born lyricist no doubt, the Chicagoan drops WordsCost, a three minute spill on a broken system and the results thereof. What’s more intriguing, Dre is rather young to be spewing such heavy bars. Although only 16, he shows what can happen whenContinue reading “Dre Izaya – Words Cost (NEW TRACK)”

Kaleb Mitchell (feat Sam Stan & foggieraw) – Badu (New Track)

Prior to writing for flowsfordays, searching for new music was never apart of my agenda. Proud recycler of vintage things (especially music), I can admit to being extremely selective with the music I allow to pass through my ear canal. Too stubborn to adjust my playlist, a colleague eagerly sent a plethora of new artistContinue reading “Kaleb Mitchell (feat Sam Stan & foggieraw) – Badu (New Track)”

LC. – “Pressure” (NEW TRACK) Can’t recall the first time I fell in love with Hip-Hop. Maybe it was the first time Left–Eye spit at the end of House Party. Or maybe it was my first time hearing Andre3000 on Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes. Today I’ve fallen in love all over again. Detroit native, L.C. has dropped aContinue reading “LC. – “Pressure” (NEW TRACK)”

CALVIN HOLMES – ‘DIGITS’ (NEW TRACK) Rarely do I ever deep dive through SoundCloud, but today, my playlist is in dire need of an update. In search of new tunes, you all will be happy to know I’ve happened upon something so groovy. Calvin Holmes, an artist from Oak Park, released a new jam for us all to enjoy, entitledContinue reading “CALVIN HOLMES – ‘DIGITS’ (NEW TRACK)”

Harmonic Sapien – “Anti Social” (New Project)

The relationship between an emcee and producer is an intricate one indeed. Not always credited for the work they put in, without producers, this love many have for this culture would be obsolete. Chicago producer, Harmonic Sapien, keeps it short and sweet with his latest EP, Anti Social. And yes, you’ve guessed it, the inspirationContinue reading “Harmonic Sapien – “Anti Social” (New Project)”

JooZy Joe – “Talk That Talk” (New Track)

Not sure if you guys are able to relate, but one of my favorite things during a commute, is finding a dope new song to add to one of my various playlist. JooZy Joe has recently dropped a track entitled “Talk That Talk.” With a mainstream flow, JooZy prides himself on keeping his morals inContinue reading “JooZy Joe – “Talk That Talk” (New Track)”