J.Lamar – “1UP” (New Music Video)

Who doesn’t love the classic story of an underdog? Though every obstacle may seem to be stacked against them, they fight and sweat their way to the top. Sometimes, even tears are shed along the journey. No matter the task set before them, there are never any excuses. Today, J.Lamar is THAT underdog. Now, I haven’t seen his name on any “hot blogs” (excluding us, we always cover the best, first) but you can believe this guy is the furthest thing from a rookie. This track has an edgy sound with a hopeful underlining message: Perseverance. What I couldn’t help but notice is that while listening, I never heard a vile word come from his mouth, which is pretty rare with rappers these days. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of watching J.Lamar perform live. Seeing him in action was such a treat and trust, I couldn’t help but to become engaged.

Born & raised on the south side of Chicago, (Englewood for those of you who are curious) Lamar teams up with SoseTheGiant, visionary and CEO of LANES ( ), a Chicago based clothing line. Be on the lookout for more of J.Lamar!

Video direction by : @JVisuals312


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