Louis Marx (feat. Jimiece Jasmine) – “Thank You” (New Track)

This morning, I check my messages to see a link to a track titled “Thank You“. While listening, there was no way for me to hide the smile forming on my face. Throughout the past few years, if you have been paying close attention, you can hear a transitioning in the sound. Louis Marx doesn’t paint you a pretty picture but a realistic one. While singer Jimiece Jasmine does a beautiful job on the chorus, Louis tells a story his peers couldn’t, one of survivors guilt. If you’ve never stepped a foot in a Chicago hood, maybe you aren’t able to relate with this particular story. Marx shares a story of hardship that is relatable for many and I, myself am glad it’s being told. He tells the story of transformation.

God has been making His way into main stream radio. From Kanye to Chance, talking about God has become more accepted within the Hip Hop community. This piece of art almost sounds like a prayer. Not sure what his intentions were while creating, but every inner city child and young adult will feel this.

In a world where we are constantly on the move, continuously checking our phones, and distracted by the smallest of things, we want to take time not to ask you for anything but just to say THANK YOU LORD.


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