Kaleb Mitchell (feat Sam Stan & foggieraw) – Badu (New Track)

Prior to writing for flowsfordays, searching for new music was never apart of my agenda. Proud recycler of vintage things (especially music), I can admit to being extremely selective with the music I allow to pass through my ear canal. Too stubborn to adjust my playlist, a colleague eagerly sent a plethora of new artist for ya girl to search. I have never had so much fun finding new artist.

The latest song that grabs at my attention (and I’m sure to grab yours) is Badu by KalebMitchell and the very talented SamStan & foggieraw. An artist from Jersey, and quite obviously not a newbie to the game, everything I’ve heard from this guy has been nothing less than perfected passion. Earlier this year Kaleb dropped So Help Me God, an 11 track project that shows why he deserves every great and perfect blessing coming his way. Tonight at 10pm EST, his single Keep Up will be on MTV’s The Challenge so make sure you tune in and support.

My name is Brittney Carter and it’s been an honor. Peace y’all !

Cover art by @kevin.hackett


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