Gold Haze – Shame (NEW MUSIC VIDEO)

Chicago artist are making it difficult for anyone to ignore their hard efforts. Being introduced to the art scene only three years ago, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, HERE is where I must imagine every artist would want to be. The talent is unmatched. Every event has been diverse and I’ve traveled back home, leaving with something: Inspiration.

23 year old rapper & producer who goes by Gold Haze has what every artist desires to posses. Longevity. (Or I’m speaking it into existence) Late last year, Haze gave us Hope You Understand, a 10 Track EP that went under most of our radars. Well today, he’s back with his very first visual, Shame. After watching, I had to reach out to see where his mind was and inquire about the inspiration behind the song and video.

I believe an emcees job, in part, is making sense of the things everyone else can’t. In his own way, Haze  describes what it feels like to have people in your corner encouraging you while simultaneously having those who plot and wish for your downfall. Mix bad company with even a pinch of self doubt and you already have a recipe for disaster. If you’re an artist and you happen to be reading, I’m sure you’re able to relate.

Not only is Gold Haze cold with the pen, but he is also responsible for the production behind some of your favorites. (Toni Romiti, Queen Key, and Ausar, just to name a few)Either way, he is making sure his sound will be heard. Don’t just take our word over here at flows. Please take a listen for yourselves.

This video was shot by @brankotsu

Production credit : @1029trphy @GoldxHaze & @darrionslife


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