Merci Magnetik – The One (New Track)

Growing up, there was a yellow and black cassette player I would drag throughout every room of our house. My cassette player was some sort of time traveling device. So leaving it in the hands of just anyone could be fatal. I needed my eyes on it at all times. This well worn device needed to be within arms length. This was the object of choice I unknowingly formed an attachment to.

Hearing The One for the first time, brought back why I fell in love with words. Clever and witty, Merci shows off his rhyme skills on his latest release, leaving many of lovers of this culture, feeling nostalgic. More than just a rapper, Merci takes you on a trip & makes you wonder what it must have been like to hear Q-Tip for the very first time. Chicago has been the home of a few hot artist on the rise and here is yet another. Please become familiar with Mr. Magnetik. Hip-Hop is very much alive y’all.


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