Rich Wall hit me up today sharing some very kind words about flowsfordays. He also told me he is 1/2 of a duo called FromLastNight. It’s comprised of himself and his brother BDB who are both from New York. They’ve been making music for about a year now and just dropped a full project titled Mom, I Dropped Out. It highlights the very unique story of them dropping out of the #1 business school in the country, Villanova University, to pursue their dreams.

The EP is full of adventurous beats and progressive lyrics and just had to share it with my readers. They had this to say about the project:

In terms of our process in creating this project we began working on it after thanksgiving last year which is also around the time both of us decided to drop out of school at Villanova University and begin chasing a career as artists 100%. We honestly just began fishing through beats we had on our laptop and had found on Youtube and SoundCloud and from there we just wrote to what we thought were the best of that bunch and recorded everything in Rich’s dorm room. In terms of how we feel about the project as a whole, we treat it as our first step in kicking the door down to the rap industry. We feel that in these 6 songs we showcase our versatility as duo and show that you don’t have to dilute the quality of your bars in order to make good turn up music nowadays. All in all its a great start but its still only a start nonetheless and we plan on continuing to grow as artists while we take steps forward in the rap game.