Trell Love – Waiting On Forever (New EP + Review)

Trell Love has kept me up to date with his music (even before it drops) for some time now. He’s been telling me about his upcoming EP Waiting On Forever for a bit and even gave me a first listen. After the first run through, I deemed it great.

It wasn’t until I re-listened for this post that I saw how powerful the project is. Just listen to the opening track, Black Skin In Waiting. It’s rare for a rapper to start off a project with a socially conscious track, but Trell did just that. It’s a statement of what’s to come in the EP. That isn’t to say the tape is only a reflection on heavy topics. You’ll find that to be true in just the next song, Champagne + Cigar Smoke. It’s a smooth cut and the title is a great description of what you’ll hear.

Trell then hits us with a left field bass heavy banger that is a bit deceptive as it touches on politics…specifically the madness that is our president elect (I wouldn’t feel right putting any part of his name in this post.) This deceptiveness is not negative as it keeps the upsetting topic easier to digest.

Unfold is a sincere track about expectations of women incorporated with a personal story that adds to Trell’s message. Lost Art is for anyone that sees fake love, and closer Waiting On Forever ties everything together in the most narrative track on the project.

Whether you read this, just listened to the project, or did both, it’s pretty easy to see that there is diversity in every track. There is a song for everyone, showing Trell’s ability to touch on any topic and make it his own.

I’d also like to mention The Gift executively produced the entire EP undoubtedly contributing largely to the success of it.