John Q + SuCoo – SupaQ (New EP)

I’m a little late to the party that is Supa Q. The duo is made up of John Q and SuCoo of All My Homies (an artist collective, record label and radio station.) The team up has resulted in the smoothest hip hop EP in recent memory. It’s easy to compare the SupaQ EP as “an ode to 90’s hip hop,” but it is so much more. If you fully digest the 5 track project, you’ll hear a very personal, creative and introspective project.

There is a lengthy description of the EP on SoundCloud, but I’ve included a clipped version as it sums up themes and topics contained:

Slowly peeling off layers of their lives, they touch on everything from their inequities in relationships to their battles with the society’s confines. Join them on a journey of transparency, smooth production and good vibes.

The project is now available for free download which you can take advantage of here.