Massachusetts Production Duo CLOAQxDAGGER Drop Astounding New Project ‘A Working Title’

Crack Sizzlack & Mathias, the Massachusetts production duo also known as CLOAQxDAGGER, have been dropping singles and visuals to hype up their latest album, A Working Title. It was worth the wait. The LP is a tight representation of how much the duo can provide for the right artists. They’ve chosen a vast array of incredibly talentedContinue reading “Massachusetts Production Duo CLOAQxDAGGER Drop Astounding New Project ‘A Working Title’”


Rec Riddles Will Shake You To Your Core On New Album ‘The Plague’

Rec Riddles’ new album The Plague is fueled by passion, talent, and powerful statements that will shake you to your core. The 8 track project is fully produced by the man himself, showing us that he’s not only gifted lyrically, but he’s also a wizard on the boards. His sound is gritty, but there areContinue reading “Rec Riddles Will Shake You To Your Core On New Album ‘The Plague’”

Catching Up On Submissions Part 6 (Best Of)

Reno Shakur – .Safe After a Slum Village sampled single released two months ago, boundary-pushing Atlanta MC Reno Shakur is back with another strong track, .Safe (featuring Supreme Sol and produced by AyoNicky). All Reno wants is for people to understand and feel his music, and he makes a great case for it. .Safe is bothContinue reading “Catching Up On Submissions Part 6 (Best Of)”

Joshua’s ‘Geronimo’ & ’11:11′ Show The Beauty of Experimentation

Listening to Joshua. for the first time is exciting, confusing, and compelling. In two songs flat, the South Carolinian has re-introduced me to how far music can truly be pushed. Geronimo is a rush of an instrumental, dubbed over harrowing echoes, vocal distortion, and low-fidelity mastery. It takes multiple listens to realize how lyrically inclined JoshuaContinue reading “Joshua’s ‘Geronimo’ & ’11:11′ Show The Beauty of Experimentation”

Cassius Tae and Ja-Wan The Director Make Magic on New Music Video ‘Roses’

Cassius Tae is murderous on the beat. He doesn’t stop putting out gem after gem whether music video, single, loosie, or project. I’ve been writing about him for years now and watching him hone his skills and throw himself into new territory has been a wonderful experience. Another masterpiece has hit YouTube in the formContinue reading “Cassius Tae and Ja-Wan The Director Make Magic on New Music Video ‘Roses’”

Geno Pacino Fights For His Rights On ‘Justice’

MC’s like Geno Pacino are the reason why I have such a soft spot for nasty, grimy, street-oriented hip-hop. It’s menacing, in your face and unforgiving. And his new single, Justice, is no exception. The instrumental is one of the nastiest I’ve heard this year. The bass is an intimidating grumble, followed by hard-hitting trap percussion with bleakContinue reading “Geno Pacino Fights For His Rights On ‘Justice’”

B1GJuice Sounds Smooth As Ever On “99 Freestyle”

As a music nerd, my absolute favorite thing about the summer is all of the joyous, carefree music that comes along with it. A shining example of that is B1GJuice’s brand new single, “99 Freestyle.” There’s a wavy feel in the synths that embody the slow pull of waves to shore on a chill summerContinue reading “B1GJuice Sounds Smooth As Ever On “99 Freestyle””

flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)

flowsfordays gets hit with over 400 submissions a month, making it difficult to listen to, consider, and write about each one. When my inbox is racking up an insane amount of unread emails, I put together a co-sign playlist. These are my favorite tracks from my submission pile, and honestly, they are all gems. PlaylistContinue reading “flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)”

ILL Gordon Drops Soulful Party Jam ‘Having A Good Time’

I’ve covered Ill Gordon, one of Chicago’s best kept secrets, for years now. He’s vicious on the mic, and a technically skilled emcee. Gordon’s biggest sell is his energetic tracks (and freestyles) that are best represented by last year’s Imma Beast. When I peeped his latest submission, Having a Good Time, I was surprised – butContinue reading “ILL Gordon Drops Soulful Party Jam ‘Having A Good Time’”

M. Whise Brings Metal And Hip Hop Together In Latest Effort ‘Powerful’

M. Whise is STILL unlike any emcee I’ve ever heard. Many rappers underestimate how important confidence, voice, and delivery are in a great song. Listen to any of Whise’s discography, and you’ll hear how effortlessly he weaves them all together. In his latest track, Powerful, he is just that. Producer jvst x went crazy onContinue reading “M. Whise Brings Metal And Hip Hop Together In Latest Effort ‘Powerful’”