As a music nerd, my absolute favorite thing about the summer is all of the joyous, carefree music that comes along with it. A shining example of that is B1GJuice’s brand new single, “99 Freestyle.”

There’s a wavy feel in the synths that embody the slow pull of waves to shore on a chill summer day. The bass notes are grumbling with a real sense of legato phrasing, and the percussion adds a small hint of excitement. The beat really sets the perfect mood.

B1GJuice’s vocal performance on here is pleasant and serene. He speaks in a hushed register through a hint of autotune, which creates a relaxed atmosphere. He keeps his wordplay simple on 99 Freestyle, but oozes charisma as he croons with a true sense of patience.

Some words from Juice himself:

[99 Freestyle] is “An ode to the good weather and good times we have; those passed and those to come. Enjoy with a dash of positive energy, pinch of sunshine, and the right type of company.” – Juice

Stream on Apple Music here.

99 Freestyle” is available on all platforms.