Catching Up On Submissions Part 6 (Best Of)

Reno Shakur – .Safe

After a Slum Village sampled single released two months ago, boundary-pushing Atlanta MC Reno Shakur is back with another strong track, .Safe (featuring Supreme Sol and produced by AyoNicky). All Reno wants is for people to understand and feel his music, and he makes a great case for it. .Safe is both elegant in production and fierce in flow – as Reno rhymes double-time with potent content. There is nothing Reno can’t do on the mic, and .Safe is his magnum opus, concocted with passion and an unparalleled personality. Reno has truly blown me away, and is one of my favorite discoveries of this year. I’m psyched for his upcoming K.O.R.S. album, and I highly recommend you follow him on SoundCloud to listen to his output and catch the album as soon as it drops. I know I will.

Young Deuces – Son of a Soldier (EP)

Knowledge. Power. Two vital words to Young Deuces exceptional EP Son of a Solider. While the project hit me like a ton of bricks, Deuces captures its essence better than I ever could. Peep his words below:

Son of a Solider is a dedication and a gift to the world and his father. After finding his father’s old rap book in the basement, Young Deuces was inspired. Seeing the first song he ever learned, “The Dream” a song written and dedicated to the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King, the memories of being in the studio with his Pops started to come back. 

The rap book consisted of 7 songs that Young Deuces took inspiration from, using those exact same titles for his songs, he constructed music influenced by Dr. Jekyll himself (his dad). With production from his in house producer, K. Mel Beatz and others such as M A J I M E. & Brown Jewel, Young Deuces continues to give you lyrics about Black Excellence, Black Love, and progress within the culture.  

This album was close to the heart but tough to write. Anytime you dedicate something to somebody, you put a lot of weight on your shoulders because if it’s wack, that will forever be synonymous with that person’s name. I wanted to honor my Pops so much that I got in my own way, but once I just let my pen speak, everything came to place. What’s dope is that the same vibes he was on, that Black Excellence and Progress within our people, is where I am at now. The apple don’t fall too far from the tree for real. – Young Deuces

Son of a Solider is a vital piece of work for not only the hip hop world but for the world itself. Every song serves a purpose, and each is diverse in content and production. It flows so effortlessly and is structured in a way that embodies strength, understanding, and genius. I cannot recommend Son of a Soldier enough.

Big Shug ft. M-Dot & Singapore Kane – No Real Rappers (Music Video)

Gang Starr Foundation vet Big Shug teams up with fellow Beantown reps M-Dot & Singapore Kane on No Real Rappers, a Reel Drama produced banger for a classic warning to today’s rappers. This is true hip hop with incredible wordplay, metaphors, and straight to the gut punchlines. Each rapper brings forth their own take on the sad state of popular rap and the artists that claim their experiences are ‘real.’ The gutter video is directed by DraMatik and off Big Shug’s album The Diamond Report. 


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