Geno Pacino Fights For His Rights On ‘Justice’

MC’s like Geno Pacino are the reason why I have such a soft spot for nasty, grimy, street-oriented hip-hop. It’s menacing, in your face and unforgiving. And his new single, Justice, is no exception.

The instrumental is one of the nastiest I’ve heard this year. The bass is an intimidating grumble, followed by hard-hitting trap percussion with bleak undertones. Geno Pacino takes on the powers that be on this track. He holds a great deal of discontent for the establishment and the way things are, with no plans of backing down. He seeks justice for the black community; citing ongoing issues such as racism and police brutality.

Justice is a protest anthem that is brash and empowering. Geno Pacino shows urgency, solidifying his status as a torch-bearer to these important issues. During a time of year where laid back summer jams are at the forefront, Justice not only serves as a refreshing escape but a necessary reminder that racism and other forms of injustice still exist and won’t be going away any time soon.

Justice is now available on all streaming platforms. 


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