flowsfordays’ Co-Sign Playlist #8 (My Favorite Submissions)

flowsfordays gets hit with over 400 submissions a month, making it difficult to listen to, consider, and write about each one. When my inbox is racking up an insane amount of unread emails, I put together a co-sign playlist. These are my favorite tracks from my submission pile, and honestly, they are all gems.

Playlist #8 is definitely worth your time. You’ll hear hip hop, R&B, soul, pop, trap, and everything in-between. As always, I don’t look at how many followers you have, who you are affiliated with, or any outside details. I look for something very basic, and pretty obvious for anyone who runs a music blog. If you make a dope song, I’ll add it to the list. Point, blank, period. If you don’t see your name here, it’s either because your song was only available on Spotify, or you submitted a music video. I will be writing up the Spotify tracks I enjoyed next.

Enjoy 🙂