Rapper Jim Swim & producer Blookah are a match made in heaven. This May they dropped split single Flex On Me/A Million.  Excerpt of my write up below:

Flex On Me/A Million is pop fueled ditty showcasing Swim’s lyrical skills over Blookah’s electrified backdrops. The result is a quality blend of hip-hop with atmospheric tranquility. A Million goes in the opposite direction, focusing on Swim’s vocal abilities and Bookah’s synth-heavy, cosmic production. Both tracks bring attention to Swim & Blookah’s ability to excel in any medium.

If you need any more proof, read my write up and stream the song here. I have no doubt that they can kill any topic, feeling or vibe through a diverse set of individual talents that continue to flow together effortlessly.

Today, I’m honored to premiere their latest 2 for 2, Flex On Me/Way Past Three. Carefree, happy rap songs are often creative, but more than likely simple in production, song structure. They lack innovation. This couldn’t be further from the aesthetic of their music.

As Flex On Me came to an end, I felt something. I couldn’t put it into words, and still can’t, which is a sign of good music. Yes, content is there, but it is Jim’s harmonious vocal expressions that glide through Blookah’s bouncy production. It brings forth love and urges you to explore those emotions. It is heartfelt at its core.

Way Past Three is a confessional track, completely enveloped by Blookah’s dark production. It simulates Jim driving at midnight with rain pouring like sheets, overlooking a barely visible body of water. Both tracks complement one another, showing us that life is neither complete happiness or utter despair.