Jordan Caesar – Rudy (Fresh New Album) (FFD Premiere)

Rudy is Jordan Caesar’s magnum opus. It is a body of work that can truly excel the scope, sound, style and understanding of hip hop. This is innovative music at its very finest. A traditional write up is not only a disservice to the album, but also not applicable. As I sat down to writeContinue reading “Jordan Caesar – Rudy (Fresh New Album) (FFD Premiere)”


Aced Spade – BNW (New Track) (FFD Premiere)

Aced Spade can do it all. Produce, make instrumental projects, and flip well known tracks into, what sounds like, a totally new track altogether. This is the case with his latest, BNW (Brand New Whip). He’s taken Lil Baby & Drake’s Yes Indeed and added an ethereal, woozy, vibe-heavy element that is far from theContinue reading “Aced Spade – BNW (New Track) (FFD Premiere)”

Aasha Marie – WYWS (New Album) (FFD Premiere)

A week ago I sat down with the gifted Chicago artist Aasha Marie to learn the in’s and out’s of her artistry, background, and motivation for making music. It became clear through early listens to her new album, and a long backlog of texts that this singer, poet, emcee, and all around creative was readyContinue reading “Aasha Marie – WYWS (New Album) (FFD Premiere)”

Supreme Sol – Speed (New Music Video) (FFD Premiere)

Supreme Sol is a breath of fresh air in today’s hip hop climate. While tons of new artists continue to make the same music in order to fit into the conventional mainstream, Sol paves his own way to greatness. Take his latest music video, Speed. Lyrics pour out of the emcee with a flair unmatchedContinue reading “Supreme Sol – Speed (New Music Video) (FFD Premiere)”

FFD Premiere: Tall Doozy – ‘Sad Girls With Bible Names’ (New Album)

Sad Girls with Bible Names is the debut project from Tall Doozy, a band comprised of producers/vocalists Mary Bozaan and flowsfordays’ favorite Jim Swim. The project is a multi-faceted, gorgeous record that blends jazz, hip hop, soul, and bedroom pop served with the utmost of creative flair. With hazy electronic textures and washed out guitars, raps, andContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Tall Doozy – ‘Sad Girls With Bible Names’ (New Album)”

FFD Premiere: Ano Bank$ – Kamili (New EP)

I spoke highly of Ano Bank$ a few weeks ago, and the proof is in the pudding. Today we have the release of his new EP Kamili. While Ano can run circles around the top lyricists in the game (peep first track, Merch) – he can also free flow over progressive, ambient production that createsContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Ano Bank$ – Kamili (New EP)”

FFD Premiere: Ali (feat. Chai Tulani & Guy) – My Lighter (New Track)

Ali spreads hope, love, and joy through his music. His debut album, which came out this year, showed awareness and found the silver linings of trials and tribulations we all experience at some point. Today’s premiere of his collaborative piece, My Lighter, is more of the same, but with even bouncier, upbeat melodics and production.Continue reading “FFD Premiere: Ali (feat. Chai Tulani & Guy) – My Lighter (New Track)”

FFD Premiere: Kiev – Ambrosia (New Project & Interview)

Today I have the honor of premiering an incredible piece of work by Houston artist Kiev who is, at the very core, a creative. For years now he’s put out playlist after playlist, project after project, and a ton of diverse content such as freestyles and free form pieces of work. Ambrosia is easily hisContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Kiev – Ambrosia (New Project & Interview)”

FFD Premiere: Uni BLK Interview

I’ve been on the horn with Uni BLK for weeks now, and he never fails to show me how hard he works as an artist. He is a bit of a mysterious figure in Chicago (he rarely shows his face) but always makes music that impacts minds and hearts. Uni’s soul is on full displayContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Uni BLK Interview”

FFD Premiere: Jim Swim & Blookah Drop ANOTHER Classic Split Single in “Brakes Off/ Way Past Three

Rapper Jim Swim & producer Blookah are a match made in heaven. This May they dropped split single Flex On Me/A Million.  Excerpt of my write up below: Flex On Me/A Million is pop fueled ditty showcasing Swim’s lyrical skills over Blookah’s electrified backdrops. The result is a quality blend of hip-hop with atmospheric tranquility. AContinue reading “FFD Premiere: Jim Swim & Blookah Drop ANOTHER Classic Split Single in “Brakes Off/ Way Past Three”