Jim Swim & Producer Blookah Link For Solid Split Single ‘Flex on Me/A Million’

It’s a rare occurrence when I hear a submission for the first time and IMMEDIATELY add it to my Apple Music. This was the case with Iowa City wordsmith Jim Swim. Dude recently dropped a split single – Flex on Me and A Million, and I knew both would stay in constant rotation this summer. Jim linked with producer/multi-instrumentalist Blookah on these two records – a smart move on both sides.

Flex On Me is a pop fueled ditty showcasing Swim’s lyrical skills over Blookah’s electrified backdrops. The result is a quality blend of hip-hop with atmospheric tranquility. A Million goes in the opposite direction, focusing on Swim’s vocal abilities and Bookah’s synth-heavy, cosmic production. Both tracks bring attention to Swim & Blookah’s ability to excel in any medium.

No word on if these are loosies or are building to a collab project. I am hoping it is the former – these two are dope together.

Stream on Apple Music here.