Tru Trilla & Fellow 050 Boyz Group Member Prince Ak Slay The Competition On Visual To ‘Real Rap’

Tru Trilla and fellow 050 Boyz group member Prince Ak on Real Rap TRULY represent New Jersey; specifically Newark. These two are lyrical swordsmiths that slay the competition with intricate, in your fucking face bars. On their new music video, Real Rap, Tru gets gritty, explaining the depths of Newark from dark street corners to gunshots to the rough and tumble atmosphere of his city. He and his boys have style, confidence, and an ability to express it all through dynamic flows and some of the best lyricism you’ll ever hear.

Prince Ak is more braggadocious, continuing to claim his spot on the top of the hip hop totem pole. He makes it abundantly clear that he is extremely talented, and hip hop to the core. Ak delivers it all with precision and bold statements that make it incredibly hard to doubt everything he proclaims. Barcelona’s Sumerio Square provides the relentless instrumental backing these seasoned prize fighters.

Real Rap is taken from Tru Trilla’s album God of Barz which you can stream below.






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