Catching Up On Submissions Part 7 (Best Of)

Supreme Sol – Sunshine (Music Video)

Over lively, atmospheric production by Handbook, Supreme Sol packs brags, boasts, deep thoughts, metaphysical manifestations, and more into tight bars that showcase his personality and unique flow and style. You’ll receive the gift of inspiration for the tough times we are in.

KINETIK & Newselph – The Simple Life (Single)

Syntax Creative · K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Newselph – “The Simple Life”

UK emcee KINETIK and producer Newsleph come together for a new, uplifting single titled The Simple Life. I am very familiar with both artists as they are on one of the best independent record labels around – ILLECT Recordings. Over Newsleph’s mellow, eclectic beat, KINETIK raps at a relaxed pace, telling us that although our country is going through lock-downs and quarantines, all we really need to enjoy and live life are simple things that we should no longer take for granted.

Stream on your favorite platform here.

Faso – Glitter (Single)

Inspired by a 70’s retro sound, Faso’s new single Glitter is an upbeat track that showcases the pop side of the upcoming Vegas creative. It’s easy to dance to, but also includes depth and great songwriting. Faso is an emcee and singer, and in Glitter he uses both to great effect. His voice is flawless and so fluid it almost seems effortless. But, Faso also has rhyming skills and uses the perfect amount to tell a story about the ups and downs of balancing a relationship with the one you love AND the seductive vices that come with a life in the spotlight. The song is FAR from corny, and the instrumental by River Beats (that Faso instantly connected to) gave him the room to display the many skills he possesses and new ones that are already developing.

Wildelux, Roccwell, & DJ 12 FingerDan – The Time Is Now (Music Video)

After more than 20 years in the rap game, Wildelux continues to put out strong, engaging content. He’s always been a master at sticking to his grassroots movement and building a loyal following from around the world. Originally from the Bronx, living in LA for 15 years, and now residing in Japan, Wildelux continues to tour and work with artists and beatsmiths.

One of those producers is the legendary Roccwell who has collaborated with the likes of Ruste Juxx, Craig G, and many more that fit the bill for the true hip hop heads that respect the humble beginnings of the genre.

They met in Kyoto and vibed right away. Their latest video/single The Time Is Now is the outcome of their undeniable chemistry and new work together. Roccwell drops REAL knowledge over a true hip hop instrumental that contains scratches (from DJ 12 FingerDan) and a perfect mix of samples and a hard-hitting boom-bap beat. The Time Is Now will be included on Roccwell’s upcoming producer album Still Lovin´Boombap.

Brill – Something Different (featuring Chanelle Truvillion & Untamedbst) (Single)

Chicago artist Brill NEVER ceases to amaze me. I’ve been keeping up with his music for years now, and he only gets better with time. His latest single, Something Different featuring absolutely gorgeous backing vocals from Chanelle Truvillion. The track is a modern R&B MASTERPIECE. The songwriting, singing, and song structure is brilliant, inviting you into a sonic wonderland thanks to producer Untamedbst.

Stream on your favorite platform here.


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