Boarding Club – “Wyd” + “100 bands” (Double Drop + Review)

After recently meeting Tony Lewis and his friend David, I began following their music and while taking the time to learn more and more about them as individuals. Philadelphia’s own Boarding Club members $tonez and Young David have released two new tracks this month, both which are very tasteful. $tonez releases his version of “WYD,”Continue reading “Boarding Club – “Wyd” + “100 bands” (Double Drop + Review)”


ATM Smooth – Shadows (Prod Lasik beats) (New Track)

King of Prussia’s own, Kid Smooth, is starting the summer out with a bang. His latest track, “Shadows,” is a must listen to. The song begins with a hook that is very tasteful. It is very easy to get stuck in one’s head & it’s very relatable. Kid Smooth talks about his every day struggles,Continue reading “ATM Smooth – Shadows (Prod Lasik beats) (New Track)”

Journell Pierre – Erryday (Prod J.R.) (New Track)

After taking a break from his music to regather himself, Philly’s own Journell Pierre is back with a banger, explaining everything and setting things straight once and for all. It’s been a month since Journell attempted suicide. He was dealing with a lot of personal issues, ranging from mental health to problems stemming from home.Continue reading “Journell Pierre – Erryday (Prod J.R.) (New Track)”

Chronic – On The Low (New Track + Review)

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, HOLD UP! “This is the way that its destined, know I’m just counting my blessings, there’s no need for flexing,  I let my songs do the talking, see your boy balling, got b*tches here calling” Straight bars from start to finish, in Upper Darby native Chronic’s latest single, On The Low. AfterContinue reading “Chronic – On The Low (New Track + Review)”

Young Griddy ft. Gala Man – Drip (New Track + Review)

“I’m dripping too much sauce and they can’t stand me. I’m bout go to ghost like I’m Danny.” Upper Darby natives, Young Griddy and Gala Man  have reunited for their new and timely single, “Drip.” The engineering behind the beat calls for a very serious head rock from start to finish. A  job well doneContinue reading “Young Griddy ft. Gala Man – Drip (New Track + Review)”


Philadelphia’s own Shawn Smith (formerly known as Young Savage) has recently released his latest project, his very first album – SINK OR SWIM: A SHAWN SMITH STORY. As you can see from the title, this album deals with Shawn’s life and how the world is seen through his eyes, having deep ties to the rapper’sContinue reading “SINK OR SWIM: A SHAWN SMITH STORY (New Project)”

Journell Pierre – Right (New Track)

Philly artist Journell Pierre is back with another monstrous track. “Right,”  written and produced by JP, opens a discussion of why we do the things we do in this life. The new track is a story of self-awareness and overcoming adversities within oneself to truly find the person you are meant to be. “Just because IContinue reading “Journell Pierre – Right (New Track)”

Josh Dillon – Ones (Prod Martin Sole) (New Track)

Brampton, Ontario’s very own underground artist Josh Dillon releases his latest track titled “Ones.” This song is different to say the least. It stands out and is very weird – a good weird. The hook is very catchy, as it paints a vivid image of the struggle and difficulties he has with the people aroundContinue reading “Josh Dillon – Ones (Prod Martin Sole) (New Track)”

Aaron Alexander – Sometimes (New Track)

Rising underground, Kansas City artist Aaron Alexander releases a new single you must listen to. It’s use of relatable bars and its jazzy, upbeat tempo creates a mellifluous sound that resonates beautifully in one’s ears. The beat gives off a very tranquil, peaceful vibe, that literally seems to calm me down. Producers Tonye and GlottContinue reading “Aaron Alexander – Sometimes (New Track)”