Chronic – On The Low (New Track + Review)


“This is the way that its destined, know I’m just counting my blessings, there’s no need for flexing,  I let my songs do the talking, see your boy balling, got b*tches here calling”

Straight bars from start to finish, in Upper Darby native Chronic’s latest single, On The Low. After releasing his debut EP EGO, he is back with some more heat to amp up the summer.

The song focuses on the come up. Chronic not only tells us specifically, but by detailing moments in his life which illuminate the song’s message and purpose, he illustrates the way any hardworking person should go about their craft. It’s the essence of letting one’s end product be the judge of the effort and time taken to produce said product.

“Get on my bad side I don’t wanna be ya, blowing up my phone now they all wanna feature, killing these b*tches since I was the reaper, your girl bring a friend to the bed she a keeper.”

This song hypes me up every time I listen to it. Its message is one that is conveyable to all, as it touches on the reality of the reaped benefits that come from working hard. Its a refreshing, jam-packed reminder. Not to mention, his captivating, aggressive flow over the beat erupts and extends the length of the song. A job well done by producer Justin Kase.

“I be wishing to bring piece to my enemies, people all up on me craving off jealousy, she gon’ break your heart cuz’ that is her specialty, drama lurking and I don’t let it get to me”

I can’t wait to hear what Chronic has up his sleeve for this summer. I see the growth and progression he’s making and am very excited to see the lengths he will go in the near future. If you wish to listen to more of Chronic (which I recommend you do), you can find him on SoundCloud here.

Written by Alim – follow him on Twitter.