Boarding Club – “Wyd” + “100 bands” (Double Drop + Review)

After recently meeting Tony Lewis and his friend David, I began following their music and while taking the time to learn more and more about them as individuals. Philadelphia’s own Boarding Club members $tonez and Young David have released two new tracks this month, both which are very tasteful.

$tonez releases his version of “WYD,” a song originally by South Jersey’s very own, Mir Fontane. Mir released the instrumental in an attempt to create a challenge, where rappers can use the beat in their own way and share it with him. $tonez’s version is very different. A different flow and sound, but he still finds a way to catch the beat and run his track. A very good effort for Mir Fontane’s challenge, and I hope that Mir will somehow listen to it, if he has not already. It’s a for fun track, packed with a lot of bars and topics a lot of people can relate to, which is why I like it a lot.

Young David on the other hand, released a new track (which was also produced by himself) stemming from his own creative abilities, and it focuses on this idea of money. Making money, using it, and all its uses and why it is important. While the topic is very familiar to everyone, or at least should be, Young David is able to talk about this central idea through his own lens, that he uses to look and face life.

While I enjoy the two very much, the WYD challenge by $tonez stands as my favorite. I’m really impressed with both of these people as individual artists and collaborative group. I can’t wait to see what they the next drop will be. I hope it’s soon! To listen to more of $tonez and Young David, follow them on SoundCloud here.