D2X – Once Upon A Winter (New Track)

With his release of Once upon a Winter, South Side Chicago born and raised, Demauris Dixon, better known as D2X, provides an introspective synopsis of his life and the environment he navigated growing up in the city. “From the jungle killa’s rumble forilla When young niggas, 16, takin’ lives for that scrilla I just observed,Continue reading “D2X – Once Upon A Winter (New Track)”


Chase Alex – Blue Shirt (New Track)

One year after dropping Pink Shirt, Chicago native Chase Alex releases the complementary, well awaited, Blue Shirt. Flowing over a Seshwan produced beat, Chase writes about his potential as a rapper and his confidence that things will take off. This year Chase dropped a ton of music and spent hours performing on stage. He’s putting inContinue reading “Chase Alex – Blue Shirt (New Track)”

Doso and Max Segal – New Ring Mood Ring & Good Night (New Tracks)

Chicago Natives Doso and Max Segal team up for two new tracks that will surely bring a new sound to the underground. New Ring Mood Ring and Good Night blend rap, pop, club, trap, and psychedelia, bringing a unique sound to Chicago. Both bring a series of emotions and questions about what music is and could be. NewContinue reading “Doso and Max Segal – New Ring Mood Ring & Good Night (New Tracks)”

nombreKARI – VENUS DOES (NT) EXIST (Project)

Kari Thompson was born and raised in Chicago. His medium is music, and he really loves crafting sounds and lyrics around ideas. The feeling of making a genuine, cohesive piece of work is unmatched by any other feeling to him. “Music is powerful beyond comprehension.” VENUS DOES (NT) EXIST consists of 7 songs, one ofContinue reading “nombreKARI – VENUS DOES (NT) EXIST (Project)”