nombreKARI – VENUS DOES (NT) EXIST (Project)

Kari Thompson was born and raised in Chicago. His medium is music, and he really loves crafting sounds and lyrics around ideas. The feeling of making a genuine, cohesive piece of work is unmatched by any other feeling to him. “Music is powerful beyond comprehension.”

VENUS DOES (NT) EXIST consists of 7 songs, one of which was released prior to the project released as a single. The whole project poses the question of whether or not love is an actual thing. The purpose was to compare and contrast a relationship on good terms from a relationship on bad terms. Kari showcased the transitions of a relationship in a sonic form – highlighting the different stages in it. I loved how well the project depicts the stages represented. It strikes me that Kari taps into the each stage perfectly.

The meeting stage, when two people meet for the first time and quickly realize that there is a certain chemistry between them. The stage of uncertainty, not knowing whether the other person actually likes you. Yearning for them to call or text you, while you yourself are unsure whether to call or text them. The stage of love when both people finally become partners. The stage of regret when one person does something they shouldn’t have done to upset their partner. The stage of sorrow and sadness, when the relationship is about to come to a close. The stage of anger when the relationship is over and you’re mad at yourself for messing it up. The regret eats you alive. Then, the stage of rebound and rebuilding, convincing you that you never needed that partner and that you’re fine without them. Each song literally encapsulates a stage. The second you begin listening to this project you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


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