D2X – Once Upon A Winter (New Track)

With his release of Once upon a Winter, South Side Chicago born and raised, Demauris Dixon, better known as D2X, provides an introspective synopsis of his life and the environment he navigated growing up in the city.

“From the jungle killa’s rumble forilla

When young niggas, 16, takin’ lives for that scrilla

I just observed, looked on the curb, where people diein’ forilla

Hearts bumpin’, thumpin’, soon as he let off with that trigga’.”

He tells the stories of lost loved ones, the lack of structure in the neighborhood that he lived in, and being able to relate to those who go through the same pain as he did. He tells of times contemplating whether he made the right decisions, and whether or not he took the right path in life. Writing poems and readings Scriptures function as therapeutic outlets for D2X. With that, his writings deal with things personal to him and are always purposeful. It seems as though the purpose of this song is to acknowledge the fact that, he, himself has stood tall through every obstacle that life has thrown at him. Even though he hangs his head in despair sometimes, he is able to pick it back up again – never losing sight of the vision, and adapting to his present situations. To acknowledge the opportunities that are coming within reach, as he focuses towards his ultimate goal, and stops chasing distractions. I feel like I know D2X a little bit better after each listen. As we get closer and closer to next year, be on the look out for his Debut project!


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