Doso and Max Segal – New Ring Mood Ring & Good Night (New Tracks)

Chicago Natives Doso and Max Segal team up for two new tracks that will surely bring a new sound to the underground. New Ring Mood Ring and Good Night blend rap, pop, club, trap, and psychedelia, bringing a unique sound to Chicago. Both bring a series of emotions and questions about what music is and could be.

New Ring Mood Ring is a trap beat produced by Asiiigned, but Max and Doso push it in a new direction. Max teases the hook as soon as the song begins, and once the bass and drums drop he sings a strong and melodic hook with a turn-up quality. Ring’s energetic beginning shifts to Doso’s incredible, lyrically deep verse. He shows relatability in his singing and songwriting, moving listeners to think about their past relationships. The song stays therapeutic instead of depressing, making Ring an extremely well-rounded track.

Goodnight is more rooted in pop, but producer Sad Hours brings in a drum line that hits like a hip-hop record. Doso and Max bring intriguing melodics with dreamy and spacious accents. Doso sets the scene, waking up with his girl and questioning if their relationship is ending. He reminisces with regret as Max interjects with angelic sounding vocals moving into a 16 bar verse.


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