Young Deuces Drops His Most Powerful Visual Yet via Sway’s Universe

Last year I was introduced to prolific Milwaukee emcee Young Deuces through his first solo effort, My Unapologetic Black Thoughts. To say it was an impressive debut is an understatement. The project not only reflected Deuces lyrical and storytelling skills, it proved how impactful he could be culturally, socially, and politically.

Since My Unapologetic Black Thoughts impacted, Deuces has dropped 3 incredible visuals off the project. But it is his latest, Run of Harriet, that takes the cake. @Aahmadneo_Art & Hamza’s put together a brilliant sketch sequence depicting a young Harriet Tubman on a mission to wake up the lost ones in today’s Black Community. Deuce and the artists use a little humor and a lot of empowerment to close out a highlight of the album.


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