Young Deuces Shows No Remorse On First Solo Effort ‘My Unapologetic Black Thoughts’

Young Deuces of Milwaukee duo SNYD has decided to go the solo route. His first solo effort, My Unapologetic Black Thoughts, is a stunning introduction to the skilled MC. To dub the album “political hip hop” does not do it justice. It’s an honest and personal project inspired and driven by the current climate of the world. MUBT is a mixture of conceptual songs and spoken word with a heavy hip hop influence. Deuces brings you inside his mind with no filter, no remorse, and no barriers. The production stays progressive, diverse, and engaging with core producers K. Mel Beatz & AJA Productions to keep it flowing. Deuces carefully crafted these 13 tracks, sequencing them to tell a loose narrative that will amaze front to back. My Unapologetic Black Thoughts is an essential listen among any hip hop fan.